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Animal Naturals Omega Dog - 31oz

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Safe, Smart OMEGA 3's! - Now with Marine DHA!

Animal Naturals Omega Dog - 31oz

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Product Description

K9 Omega Dog is pure Camelina oil, the safe, smart Omega 3 source. Camelina is related to flax, sharing high Omega3 content. But Camelina grows under harsher conditions, so has evolved higher in vitamin E content as protection against exposure and pests. These adaptations ensure Omega Dog stays fresh longer than flax or fish. K9 Omega Dog is renewable, does not deplete endangered species and contains no mercury. Plus, Omega Dog saves you money!

Omega 3s, PLUS! In addition to the proven benefits of Omega 3s, Omega Dog also contains naturally occurring antioxidants tocopherols, carotenoids, poly-phenols, flavonoids, phosphatides and phyto- sterols including sitosterol, brassicasterol, campesterol, and more. Studies indicate these powerful "plant power" factors are associated with lowered "bad" LDL cholesterol and inflammation, and even support heart, brain and eye health.

More Omega3 Power for Less! Just ½ tablespoon delivers the benefits of more than 1,600mg of concentrated Omega3:

Less blood "Sludge" - Makes platelets more "slippery", so they glide past each other, less likely to clog and thicken.

Reduced Inflamation - Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Lowers global (whole body) inflammation, benefiting joint, heart and brain health.

Glossier Coat - Healthier Skin Simultaneously fights inflammation plus supplies essential fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat.

K9 Omega Dog provides the following powerful benefits:
• 100% Mercury Free
• Built In Powerful Antioxidants
• Higher Vitamin E Content
• More Stable than Flax or Salmon
• No Refrigeration Required
• Safe, Smart OMEGA 3s, Now wit Marine DHA!
• Stays Fresh Longer than Flax or Fish Oil
• Lowers "Bad" LDL Cholesterol
• Earth-Based, Extra Virgin
• 100% Natural, 100% Delicious
• Money-Saving Omega 3s

Technical Information

Container Size: 31 oz
Serving Size: 1/4 tbsp
1/4 tbsp equals:  2.1g
Servings Per Container: 216

Protein................. 0
Fat.......... 2,125mg

K9 Omega Dog Human Grade Ingredients: Extra virgin, unrefined, sustainably-grown cold pressed Camelina sativa oil, marine based DHA Omega 3.