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Animal Naturals Show-N-Go Combo (Small)

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Quick Overview

This K9 Super Fuel & K9 Show Stopper combo pack is great for the dog with an active lifestyle that wants to be their best inside & out!

Animal Naturals Show-N-Go Combo (Small)

Product Description

This is a great combo pack for the dog with an active lifestyle that wants to be their best inside & out!  K9 Super Fuel to jump start recovery, boost strength & power, build lean muscle, extend endurance, speed recovery from workouts!  K9 Show Stopper the coat & body optimizer and All-In-One, money saving formula combining the best of the best natural supplements to give your dog a total physical makeover. Outside Looks Reflect Inside Health!

The Animal Naturals Show N Go Pack (Small) Contains:
  1- 4 lb Container of K9 Super Fuel
  1- 4 lb Container of K9 Show Stopper

K9 Super Fuel - Endurance, Recovery, Muscle and Health! K9 Super Fuel, dog performance supplement is the most advanced muscle performance enhancing formula in history. K9 Super Fuel super octane strength fuel component generates more muscle power, for longer, with less fatigue. Special muscle fuels drive higher intensity movements, plus neutralize lactic acid. Faster ATP regeneration enables muscle fiber to fire even during anaerobic conditions. Power through the hardest workouts while others fade!

Extended Endurance!  More Gas in the Tank - Animal Naturals Super Fuel, puts more Gas in the Tank! New Endurance Fuel component powers slow twitch muscles with long lasting energy for hours. Clean burning gluconeogenic fuels extended endurance. Buffers lactic acid (H+), boost stamina and second wind, sharpen mental focus.

Build Muscle - Burn Fat - Lean Muscle!  Converts calories into lean muscle mass and more energy. Turn on fat burning metabolism. Increasing lean muscle boosts metabolic rate, burning additional body fat. Normalize hormones by blunting feminizing effects of environmental estrogens, trans fats. Simultaneous muscle gain and fat loss results in lean "cut" look of today's athletes.

Jump Starts Recovery!  Tomorrows performance depends on today's recovery! Accelerate healing and recovery after workouts. Reverse muscle breakdown and cell damage. Recharge muscle glycogen, ATP in hours, not days. Reduce soreness, oxidative damage and stress hormones. Begin the next workout fresh and ready for an injury free peak performance.

Strong Immunity is the Foundation to Health & Performance!  Stronger immune system creates elevated health, enhanced recovery & performance. Immunoglobulins A & G, IGF-1 & lactoferrin improve immunity. Works with gH (growth hormone) to repair/grow muscle, resist infection & boost antibodies. Increase body's ability to undergo heavy workloads, prevent overtraining & injury.

K9 Show StopperOutside Appearance Reflects Inside Health! Stunning coat, solid physique and joints that's so striking it literally stops the show!  These coat and body benefits result from optimal inner health.  Animal Naturals Show Stopper deserves its name!

Nutritional Makeover For Your Dog! With newly discovered dog coat & skin builders, plus dozens of time-proven biochemical factors,  Animal Naturals Show Stopper replaces expensive and hard-to-find individual products, saving you money and simplifying feeding. Valuable show dog or cherished pet, this powerhouse meal booster will improve coat, physique & mental function to levels formerly reserved for a gifted few!

ULTRA Digestible Ingredients! The higest quality humen grade spplements are selected for ease of digestion and absorption.  we even use "friendly" energy nutrients partially predigested for rapid, easy uptake. Pre/probiotics & enzymes further aid in digestion.

Fast, Pre-Measured, Great Taste! It's Engineered to be Easy!  Eliminates expensive guesswork, trial-and-error supplementing. Foolproof, automatically perfect ratios everytime.  Quick, clean, convienient and saves money. No more playing "hide the supplement" because your dog will LOVE it!

  Combos!  Coat, Joint Support, Active Dogs, Puppies, Seniors!

Customer Reviews

"K9 Super Fuel is an excellent product. I had used it in the past to build muscle on my show dog. This time it was recommended to me by a canine nutritional specialist to help save the life if Joanie, my emaciated foster dog, whom we rescued at the weight of 35 pounds and whose ideal weight is 80 pounds. She is now packing on the weight and adding muscle quickly. The Super Fuel is a big help and the dogs think it's yummy!"

"John, I had to drop you a line and let you know how much the dogs in our kennel have improved with the Super Fuel and Show Stopper. It is unbelievable, a supplement that does so much and cost zero to use, let me explain that statement . Since using these supplements my dogs are eating less, looking better and because of the probioatics in them , I am seeing less waste.  I took them all 5 of them into the vet and he did physicals and came out and said " I don't know what you are doing , but whatever it is keep on doing it . These dogs look great and their stats are off the chart. The healthiest dogs I have seen in this practice." What a great complement for your supplements. My husband who does not pay much attention to my dogs said the other day " your dogs are really looking good, I think they have improved and I believe you will continue to do good in the shows this year ." Anya Ruth Cummings, Black Knight Kennels