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Sentry Fiproguard Flea & Tick Treatment (3 Month Supply)

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Quick Overview

SENTRY Fiproguard for dogs uses the same veterinarian-recommended active ingredient, fipronil, found in Frontline brand products. But with Fiproguard MAX, the power of fipronil is maximized with the addition of a second active ingredient, cyphenothrin.

Sentry Fiproguard Flea & Tick Treatment (3 Month Supply)

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K9Power Price: $21.99

Sale Price: $9.99

Product Description

Your dog is your buddy, your wing man, and your best friend. Protecting your dog is an important responsibility in your life. Now, you can provide him with the premium protection he needs using an active ingredient you know and trust from the veterinarian, now available in over-the-counter products sold at convenient retail locations.

Using the same active ingredient, fipronil, and at the same concentration as Frontline, Top Spot, FiproGuard topical treatment provides your dog with rapid protection against adult pests. It costs less and is available at convenient retail locations.

For use on puppies and dogs 8 weeks of age and older.Waterproof.Produced in the U.S.

• Kills fleas.
• Kills ticks.
• Kills chewing lice.
• Protects your dog and your family against the diseases fleas and ticks spread, including Lyme disease.
• For use on puppies and dogs 8 weeks of age and older.
• Waterproof.
• Produced in the U.S.

Applying SENTRY Fiproguard products at home is easy. Just follow these steps each time you use the products.

Applying correctly starts with purchasing correctly at the store. Before purchasing, weigh your dog or cat. Don't guess! It is important to know the exact weight of the pet to ensure you purchase the right product.

Fiproguard products come in four weight breaks for dogs.
• Dogs up to 22 pounds
• Dogs from 23 to 44 pounds
• Dogs from 45 to 88 pounds
• Dogs from 89 to 132 pounds

These products are made with different percentages of active ingredients based on the species and weight category and SHOULD NEVER be used interchangeably.
Don't forget to consider your pet's age. ONLY use Fiproguard on dogs and cats over 8 weeks of age. ONLY use Fiproguard MAX on dogs and cats over 12 weeks of age.

Applying the Products
• Remove product tubes from the package.
• Separate one tube from the others.
• Holding the tube with notched end pointing up and away from the face and body, cut off the narrow end at the notches with scissors.

How to Apply For small , medium and large-sized dogs (up to 88 pounds) - Invert tube over dog or cat and use open end to part your dog or cat's hair.Squeeze tube firmly to apply all of the solution to the animal's skin as a spot to the animal's back between the shoulder blades.

How to Apply For extra-large dogs (89-132 pounds) - Invert tube over dog and use open end to part dog's hair.Squeeze tube firmly to apply all of the solution to the dog's skin from the back of the neck to a point midway between the neck and tail.