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Wholistic Digest-All PLUS (1 lb)

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Quick Overview

Wholistic Digest All Plus is an advanced, cutting-edge, concentrated formula of broad-range digestive enzymes & probiotics designed to support healthy digestion in your pet.

Wholistic Digest-All PLUS (1 lb)

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Product Description

Wholistic Digest-All Plus™ is an advanced, concentrated formula of broad-range digestive enzymes & probiotics designed to support healthy digestion in your pet.

Prebiotics and probiotics for maximum digestive support! In addition to actively digesting all the ingredients in your pet’s daily food, Wholistic Digest-All Plus™ contains a very concentrated and potent blend of probiotics known as “friendly bacteria” that supports a healthy balance of normal gut flora. Wholistic Digest-All Plus™ is a pure blend of active non-genetically engineered enzymes with concentrated probiotics that will help your pet unlock the valuable nutrients in food and have an optimally functioning, very healthy digestive system.

Enzymes are inherent to all life processes and are integral to the proper functioning of all body systems. Your pet could actually be missing out on the nutrients from the food he eats! Without important enzymes that would normally be replenished by eating wild prey, your pet may be unable to properly digest food. By re-introducing enzymes and "friendly" bacteria (probiotics) into the diet, your pet can unlock the valuable nutrients in food and have an optimally functioning, very healthy digestive system.

When foods are not digested properly, the nutrients that your pet would ordinarily obtain from food may not be available. Eventually the immune system can ultimately be affected. Not surprisingly, glands and major organs suffer most from enzyme deficiency.

Wholistic Digest-All Plus provides the following powerful benefits:
• Provides enzymes and factors necessary for proper digestion
• Supports a healthy immune system
• Aids in discouraging coprophagy
• Aids in maintaining healthy intestinal tract function
• Aids in weight control
• Elimination of flatulence
• Maintains a healthy balance of "friendly" intestinal bacteria
• Available in 8oz, 1lb, 2lb sizes and soft chews

Technical Information:

Ingredient List:  
Lipase, Protease, Amylase, Hemicellulase, Cellulase, Bromelain, Papain, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Fructooligosaccharide

Guaranteed Analysis (min): 
Moisture (max).....7%
Crude Fiber (max).....4%
Protease.....12,100mcg amino acid liberated/min/g
Amylase.....52.5g starch dextrinized/min/g
Cellulase.....0.60gm glucose liberated/min/g
Hemicellulase.....11mg hemicellulase reduced /min/g
Lipase.....130 moles of fatty acid liberated/min/g
Bromelain.....36.66mcg amino acid liberated/min/g
Papain.....375mcg amino acid liberated/min/g
Lactobacillus acidophilus.....5 billion CFU/g
Bifidobacterium longum.....5 billion CFU/g

Feeding Directions:
¼ tsp = 1g  There is approximately 52 tablespoons (156 teaspoons) in every pound of Wholistic Digest-All Plus. One pound will treat 624 cups of food! Very cost effective.

Mix ¼ tsp per cup of food. For best results, use with every feeding. Scoop included with product.

Customer Reviews:

"I give this to all 4 of my dogs. Two of them are GSPs and seemed to have some digestive problems. Once I started giving them this I noticed they have less gas and more solid stools. I'm so happy with the results after feeding my dogs this product!" (Posted on 1/25/14)

"We feed it to our mixed breed dog (6 years old) and he does really well on it. Had stomach issues in the past but no longer. Would suggest using it to other dog owners. Thanks for making this item." (Posted on 11/30/13)

"I use Digest-All Plus for all of my pets. My hound mix is allergic to everything other than lamb so it has been hard to find a product that he is not allergic to. Not only is beneficial to his belly with all the good stuff in it, but it doesn't have any additives, not even flavor, so he has no allergy to it! My 2 cats, both 17, have never looked better! Their coats are gorgeous and they just look so healthy overall. Everyone says that they do look their age at all!" (Posted on 8/8/13)

"This addition to our feeding has made a huge difference in the health of our two "senior" dogs. Moving to an allergen-free diet didn't ease the digestive issues, but adding this product to their food did. We bought this brand because it is organic and contains a prebiotic...two elements that are hard to find. We feed this twice a day and our finicky eaters aren't phased with this added to their food." (Posted on 10/13/12)


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