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Wholistic Ester C

Wholistic Ester C

Wholistic Ester-C is pure, potent and highly concentrated. A unique, patented form of Vitamin C that is highly bioavailable, highly effective, yet easy on the stomach! This is the absolutely best form of Vitamin C.

Dogs do produce some Vitamin C but not nearly the amount necessary for peak health. (In the wild, dogs fulfill their dietary requirements by eating foods that are naturally high in this vitamin) In addition, under periods of stress or illness, Vitamin C is rapidly depleted.


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Ensure a strong immune ststem, healthy joints and optimum health for your pet by feeding Ester-C. Many forms of Ester-C that appear on the market today are diluted so that the amount of Ester-C per teaspoon is much lower. Before you buy other forms of Ester-C compare the strength with what we offer. You will be amazed. Wholistic Ester-C is the most affordable on the market.

Technical Information

Feeding Recommendation - Feed daily in these amounts:
¼ teaspoon per 25 lbs of body weight.

One tablespoon contains 3945 mg Vitamin C and 96 mg Calcium