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What do you think of when you hear the term "dog supplements"?

(It's okay, we're not here to judge!)

Perhaps an image of a meathead dog benching 300 pounds comes to mind, or an exasperated overweight pup who needs to drop those extra pounds?

You might simply laugh and think, “People have too much time on their hands...” Or maybe, you already spend hours a week perfecting the ratios of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients missing from your dog’s food.

Regardless of how you think of dog supplements right now, we’re here to clear any misconceptions and explain exactly how they can make your life easier while making your dog’s life better.

Sounds great, right? Read on for some dog nutrition advice.


What are dog supplements?

Dog supplements, like the ones we take ourselves, help your dog’s body and mind function better. You may realize that your diet doesn’t include enough protein or calcium as it is, so you drink protein shakes or take a daily calcium supplement.

Many dogs don’t get all the of the nutrients they need from their food, so they need some help to achieve optimal nutrition.

Dog eating kibbles


Does my dog need supplements?

If you are diligent and conscious about the type of commercial food you feed to your pup, you may have found a formula already well-balanced for their health. High quality dog foods include at least one whole meat or meat meal (chicken meal, beef meal, turkey meal, etc.). Some include whole, unprocessed grains from various sources.

Adding too many vitamins your dog’s diet can actually be harmful, so it’s important to do your research and follow dog nutrition advice from your veterinarian before making changes.

If any of the following situations sound familiar, supplements may help you establish proper dog nutrition:

  • Home cooked meals. If you cook meals at home for your dogs, adding supplements can help they don't miss any essential nutrients.
  • Commercial dog food. Federal law mandates that all commercial dog food is “pure & valid” or “complete & balanced,” so technically, there should be no need for supplements. However, not all food is created equal. Even if food has same nutrient as a supplement, the food’s processing nearly always decreases bioavailability (aka, how easily nutrients are absorbed). Supplements provide a nutritional complement to their commercial kibbles.
  • Health issues. If your dog has stiff joints, itchy skin, is extremely active or has any sort of vet-prescribed deficiency, supplements can help improve their quality of life. We develop our supplements to support any dog lifestyle, life stage, or ailment as your pups progress into their senior years.

showstopper-jointstrong superfuel-godog


What dog supplements should I look for?

Three of the most common dog supplements are:

  1. Multivitamins for different life stages (i.e. puppy, adult, senior)
  2. Joint health supplements
  3. Coat & skin supplements, which can help to reduce shedding
  4. Ailment-specific vitamins & supplements

Over the years, K9 Power has developed a suite of supplements to address these common needs and more.


Dog Multivitamins For All Ages

Puppy & Mother Formula  

For puppies, proper nutrition is key for healthy growth. Like most mammals out in the wild, pups nurse off of their mothers for many months, providing them with nature’s perfect formula for growth. As dog lovers, we often get our pups at just eight weeks, weaning them off of breast milk earlier than their mother might naturally. We modeled our Puppy Gold formula from their mother's milk, with bioactive proteins, micellar casein and colostrum to help them transition smoothly to a commercial or fresh food diet. We also provide immune system boosters like lactotransferrin to avoid infection. The kicker is, Puppy Gold is also great for mama dog too, during pregnancy and after delivery to foster fetal growth and enhance the nutritional value of her milk.



Daily Health & Wellness

The name says it all: total support. From your dog's heart, brain, eyes, joints, and digestion, down to her skin & coat, this blend has all the basics covered. Yet it also goes beyond. Total K9 contains the most potent antioxidant the nutritional community has found: Astaxanthin. Interestingly, this is the component that gives flamingos and lobsters their distinctive red color. This is perfect for adult dogs, beginning at about the six month mark.



Senior Support Formula

As dogs age, many of the compounds that abound in their youth decline. This may result in decreasing joint and brain function, muscle mass and cellular activity. Young At Heart supplement containsamino acids, vitamins, probiotics and phytonutrients that can help reverse the effects of aging. Our formula combats muscle loss, increases metabolic rate, and improves joint, mental and eye health. This is the perfect way to allow your dog to age with grace.  



Dog Joint Health

Joint Health & Mobility

If your dog has ever experienced any hip or joint pain, often indicated by limping or labored movement upon waking, a joint supplement may be your solution. Joint Strong eases joint inflammation with a unique blend of plant antioxidants, omega-3s, glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM/CMO and hyaluronic acid. This combination fights off free radicals, increases joint flexibility and lubrication, and helps build cartilage. This keeps your dog jumping, running and playing catch without pain, regardless of age or other factors.



Coat & Skin Supplements

Any number of factors can lead to your dog’s itchy skin and dull coat. Now, you can ease their discomfort. We formulated Show Stopper with top-of-the-line highest quality grade ingredients, like coconut oil, olive oil, egg, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins C and E. Together, these make your dog’s coat shine and help their skin feel great. Show Stopper also contains an optimized blend of fibers, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics to aid in your pup’s digestion. That makes it a great option for just about any dog.


Ailment-Specific Supplements

Energy & Muscle Support

Active dogs, whether they’re service dogs, competitors, or simply lovers of playtime, can benefit from Super Fuel. This supplement aids in recovery, reduces chances of overuse injury, supports muscle growth, and burns fat while boosting the immune system. It’s not just for athletic pups, though. Super Fuel’s unique blend of antioxidants, protein and vitamins makes it a great option for dogs recovering from surgery, chemo and other traumas.


Total Hydration Drink

Running, hiking and spending time outside are wonderful ways to bond with your dog. To ensure their safety when it’s hot or when activities are rigorous, you can hydrate with Go Dog. This water-soluble formula contains electrolytes, short-burst/long-range energy fuels, and buffering agents that help neutralize metabolic acid (H+) build up. This keeps your dog in the performance safety zone. Go Dog also provides energy during runs, hikes, or other strenuous activity, and it aids in recovery afterward. And did we mention that dogs find it delicious? Its natural chicken flavor helps incentivize your dog to stay hydrated even when drinking water seems like a chore.


Multi-Digestive Support 

We designed Digest Forte to enhance your dog’s digestive system with a proprietary blend of active probiotics and enzymes. It promotes healthy gut bacteria for enhanced nutritional absorption and optimal digestion. Incessant gas not only bothers us humans, but it’s also uncomfortable for your dog. Digest Forte promotes healthy digestion with enzymes and probiotics, meaning less gas, and more consistent, solid and less stinky bowel movements. 


Can I afford dog supplements?

Figuring out proper ratios and combinations can be an expensive venture, but keeping your dog’s health in tip-top shape can certainly save money on medical bills in the long run.


Can I afford dog supplements

While you may need to spot-treat a given ailment, the reality is, supplements work best over time. Most customers report seeing results in their first 3-5 weeks after introducing a supplement to their pup's diet, some even in their first 1-2 weeks. The key is, you should continue with a dedicated regimen over time.

To encourage that (while saving you money), we offer a 15% discount on any subscription. Oh, and that's a forever discount too! You can choose your product mix, frequency of purchase, and date of delivery.

Our goal is to enhance your pup's overall health, so they can live their most complete lives.


Why K9 Power?

As a company, we have over 25 years of experience researching & developing premium pet supplements for health-conscious dog enthusiasts, breeders, trainers, competitors...really, all dog lovers! We believe our supplements combined with a balanced diet, can greatly improve any dog’s quality of life.

At K9 Power, we not only adhere to the strict requirements of the National Animal Supplement Council, but we employed a top animal nutrition specialist, Dr. George Fahey, to review all of our supplement formulas and ensure that every ingredient had a purpose and provided optimal nutrition for your pet.

We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which ensures that you (and your pup) are completely satisfied with the products you receive from us.

Welcome to the family!



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CBD Manufacturing
CBD Manufacturing

September 08, 2020

This concept is very good which give us information regarding what are dog supplements.It is a pleasure worth reading this article. I enjoyed reading this article and would suggest others to come over this link and get all the information regarding it.I must say this, if you get time can visit for ideas on this topic.

Tina Armstrong
Tina Armstrong

June 02, 2020

I ordered the k9 power show stopper because I am tired of my vet not know why my dog is itching and biting herself I have her on Claritin 10 mg 2 times a day. There is so much crap out there but when I read your stuff I was all in. Plus I got her the cookies also. I will try these and later I might change it to the total K9. I look forward to getting this product and I am just hoping she takes to it cause she is very picky. Thank you, Tina Armstrong

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