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K9 Puppy Gold - 4 Pound - BAG

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K9 Puppy Gold - 4 Pound - BAG
The Gold Standard of Puppy Nutrition
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Customer Reviews
"I just want to say what WONDERFUL products K9 Show Stopper and K9 Puppy Gold are!!!  This is my 3rd order from K9 Power, and I am pleased beyond words.  I raise and show Rat Terriers, and I have refrained from offering a review until I felt enough time had passed to really observe the results.  These products have EXCEEDED my expectations!  I''m not just talking about maintaining decent coat condition. . .  I''m talking about SLICK, GLEAMING coats that are noticeably thicker and that shed far less than ever before (on puppies, too, which is even more unusual than on adult dogs).  I''m talking about teeth that STAY clean (we feed raw meat and bones as well as super-premium kibble).  I''m talking about dams that have more stamina and milk and actually do not blow their coats after raising a litter.  And I''m talking about puppies that develop practically beyond their optimum growth levels at every stage.  Thank you for these outstanding products.  I''m finished searching for supplements. . .I have found the absolute answer with K9 Power."
  Reviewed by:   from . - 11/9/2014
"I Used K9 Puppy Gold for Dam and puppies and was very pleased with the results!! I will be using this product with all my litters! AAA+++++"
  Reviewed by:   from . - 10/25/2014
"After a grueling night of bottle feeding puppies every two hours, I just wanted to share the miraculous results of these puppies when changed from the hospital formula ”Just Born” to Puppy Gold. The little black female took an hour to eat 15 mls for her first feeding. Very little sucking, almost lethargic, and she had diarrhea from the Just Born. After she got the first feeding of Puppy Gold, she got so perky that I could barely hold her when I tried to stimulate her for elimination. The stools hardened and no more diarrhea. The next feeding she grabbed at the nipple with real gusto and started sucking immediately. She doubled her intake to 30 mls. The second little girl has gone from 15 mls initially to 45 mls. They are all over the whelping box. I’m telling you, Paul, the difference in these puppies from last night is nothing short of a miracle! "
  Reviewed by:   from . - 10/20/2014
"I had an identical breeding of same male-female. On this product Puppy Gold the bitch has more milk, the puppies filled faster. The puppies all looked great, developed faster. It made a big difference I did not believe it until I tried it. You breed dogs, you want this product."
  Reviewed by:   from . - 9/4/2012
"Well, my puppies came in the wee hour of the morning. You are right about the Puppy Gold. Feeding it the bitch, they where much bigger and stronger than her last litter. I am soooooooo impressed now, I guess I will be using this stuff with every litter."
  Reviewed by:   from . - 6/29/2012
Hi John, This year the K9 Super Fuel, K9 GoDog and K9 Joint Strong really helped Upside. She was this years Free Flight Champion (Ranking No.1), same as last year!. Even after she whelped her puppies this year! I used K9 Puppy Gold and the pups are really healthy now.  Best regards  Mikiko
  Reviewed by:   from . - 11/1/2011
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