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"At K9 Power", we have always been committed to producing the highest quality supplements for dogs. To stay at the forefront of nutrition, we have evolved our products over our long history, informed by the latest science and our own experience.

In the first quarter of 2023, we will be releasing the Next Generation of our existing product line which will include the most substantial improvements we have ever made. These are still the same K9 products our loyal customers have supported for 25+ years! This new line will still have powder-based supplements using the appropriate amounts of the highest quality ingredients, properly dosed and engineered for efficacy, safety, and palatability. The Next Generation line is simply the absolute best product we could create after collaborating with our nutrition and health team.

So, what has changed in these Next Generation products?

In short, we have significantly increased the percentage of existing nutraceuticals and added new effective ingredients based on the latest animal health research. We were able to do that by replacing some of the oils and liquids we used in our formulas with powder alternatives. This allowed us to eliminate some ingredients that only served as blending agents for the oils we were using. In some circumstances, we eliminated ingredients whose benefits we determined could be better achieved with an alternative. The cumulative effect of these changes provided the capacity to increase the concentration of the most effective components of our formulas.

What do the changes mean for my dog?

The Next Generation products will not only be even more effective than our current product line, but they will also have the same or better palatability. If your dog loves the taste of our supplements, our research indicates they will like this formula just as much, if not more. The result of the significantly higher concentration of the effective ingredients means dosage amounts will be reduced. You will add far less powder with the Next Generation products than you do with our current formula.

What does this mean for container size options?

The Next Generation line will only be offered in a 1lb (450 gram) container. This size standardization was made possible because the required dosage per serving is significantly less than our existing product line. This is not only substantially more eco-friendly, but it also allows for production efficiencies to help keep costs down. We will still be offering volume discounts for customers who need, or prefer, to purchase in larger quantities, we will be filling those orders with multiple one-pound containers as opposed to larger containers as we offered in the past.

What does this mean for me?

We are all concerned with costs, especially with the inflation we all experience daily in our own lives. The motivation for our reformulation initiative, however, was not about cost, it was 100% about product efficacy. We want to remain the most effective dog supplement manufacturer in the market. Our health team had one mandate: to collaborate with us to make the best product possible. The result of this initiative is a highly concentrated product with a significant increase in the percentage of effective ingredients. Not surprisingly, that resulted in a higher per-serving production cost. However, these changes also allowed us to implement substantial production efficiencies, which has offset our increased ingredient costs. While we are still finalizing pricing, we believe we will be able to offer this significantly enhanced product for about the same cost per serving as our existing product line. Some products will be less expensive, and some slightly higher, but on average, the price per serving will be about the same.

We thank you for your loyalty and support and the K9 Power team wishes you and your loyal companions a Grand and Healthy 2023!

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