Passionate About Dogs Since 1970

We have something in common: the belief that dogs are family

To us, dogs belong in our arms, not at our feet. They add more than a confetti pile of fur to our homes; they add heart (and a whole lot of personality).

It’s this notion that seeded the story of K9 Power.

It was more a call of duty than anything else

Over 40 years ago, one of our founding owners, John, fell in love with dogs and training them. He was particularly taken with German Shepherds. This led him to train Police canines, with Blackjack as his first four-legged student.

As he started to think more holistically, John developed a passion for canine nutrition and the competitive working dog world.

In 1995, John’s competition dog, Nic, suffered a shoulder injury requiring surgical repair of his bicep tendon. Researching rehab options, John discovered the world of supplements for muscle building and joint support. (This was long before people were familiar with nutritional products for dogs.) Adding supplements to Nic’s diet boosted his muscle and shoulder strength far beyond what a diet alone could provide.

The following fall, John and Nic were back in competition. They placed 1st in the New England Championships and ranked 6th overall in the US.

A Higher Quality of Life

Yes, this is a bold statement but it’s one we stand behind. How we feel is directly related to the foods we eat and your dog is no different. Our supplements are designed to enhance their overall quality of life. They feel healthier and they live happier.

The Nitty Gritty Details

We are proud to use only the purest ingredients from premier highest quality ingredient suppliers that meet all GMP (good manufacturing practices). We are USDA, FDA, cGMP and FSMA compliant, and we also adhere to the strict ingredient requirements of the National Animal Supplement Council.

Meeting the highest quality standards has always been the hallmark of K9 Power® and we will never change this mindset. It’s our promise to you.

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