Passionate About Dogs Since 1970

We have something in common: the belief that dogs are family

To us, dogs belong in our arms, not at our feet. They add more than a confetti pile of fur to our homes; they add heart (and a whole lot of personality).

It’s this notion that seeded the story of K9 Power.

It was more a call of duty than anything else

Twenty years ago one of our founding owners, John, was in the field, so to speak. He was an active police officer who spent his days with his trusted police dog, Bugsby. A strong bond instantly grew. On weekends, they would participate in dog shows and working dog competitions, which helped Bugsby hone his skills and reach his high exercise needs.

But during a competition, Bugsby tweaked his shoulder and it began to impact his everyday duties at work. Quickly John took to finding a solution. He began asking for the opinions of top dog handlers and breeders.

Their answer was impactful: nutritional supplements. From this realization on, his long-term relationship with improving the lives of dogs began.

Veterinary Seal of Approval

We don’t claim to be a doctor and we certainly don’t play one on the internet. That’s why we looked to trusted sources to validate every one of our products. Every product has been scrutinized by our team of vets and approved, so you know what you’re feeding your pup is of the highest quality.

A Higher Quality of Life

Yes, this is a bold statement but it’s one we stand behind. How we feel is directly related to the foods we eat and your dog is no different. Our supplements are designed to enhance their overall quality of life. They feel healthier and they live happier.

The Nitty Gritty Details

We are proud to use only the purest ingredients from premier human-grade suppliers that meet all GMP (good manufacturing practices). We are USDA, FDA, cGMP and FSMA compliant, and we also adhere to the strict ingredient requirements of the National Animal Supplement Council.

Meeting the highest quality standards has always been the hallmark of K9 Power® and we will never change this mindset. It’s our promise to you.

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