Customer Testimonials

K9-Power supporter Debra Zappia and Eros won the 2015 WUSV World Championship in Lahti, Finland.  It is a remarkable task to be able to compete at this level but to win is a life time dream for every competitor! Representing the United States of America, Deb is the first American and second women to win this prestigious title.  Deb has competed in the World Championships 7 times!

And as if that was not impressive enough...the following month Deb and Eros repeated that spectacular performance by winning the USA IPO3 National Championship!

Everyone loves to hear the inside scoop of the day to day secrets of a World Champion. In a recent interview Deb was asked “Few words about the Champions’ diet - what do you feed to Iron (Eros) to keep him in such a top notch condition through exhausting training cycles and trials?”

Deb: “I feed OMA’S Pride, a raw diet of meat, bones and vegetables. I rotate proteins, such as lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, fish, tripe and lung. I also supplement with products supplied by K9 Power Products: Super Fuel and Go Dog to name a few.  Thank you Deb for your Support!

DJ (GCH.Casmir's Man O War) is a young male Clumber Spaniel who just turned 2 yrs old on May 4th, 2016. He was started on Show Stopper at the age of 4 months and started showing at 6 months old. By the time he was 7 months old he was winning against mature males and even won a group 4. Both he and his sister Winnie (GCH. Casmir's Winning Colors) are on K9-Power Show Stopper and have fabulous thick soft coats. DJ and all his siblings were also on Immune dog at the age of 2 weeks old, none of them have ever had any digestive problems and can eat just about anything. I also had my other special male Axl (GCH. Casmir's Guns N Red Roses) on show stopper for his 5 yr career in the show ring and had fabulous results. I Love these products and will continue to use them as well as recommend them to my puppy buyers and friends. Thank You K9-Power!

"K9 Show Stopper is the best product I have used in my 40 years of dog showing. I recently showed my top female, American Grand Champion Hernwood Magic Formula, at the 2015 Crufts Dog Show in England. After placing second in a beautiful class of 17 veterans, many people came up to me and commented on how gorgeous my female's coat looked. I can't thank you enough for such a great product!!

Team Casey sponsored by K9-Power was in Ashland,Ky this past weekend. And thanks to the great products from K9-Power like Go Dog, Super Fuel and Joint Strong They were able to bring home four 1st places in Big Air, Speed Retrieve. Extreme Vertical and Iron Dog with a new Personal Best score of 3031.48

Always a pleasure to order from K9-Power - and the Joint Strong product has kept our 80# dog mobile for almost 15 years, and counting

I am very pleased with the "Young at Heart" - senior, for my aging springer. He has been taking it now for almost a year and at 10 years old, his stamina is very good and he looks fantastic. He also loves the taste. I like shopping with K9-Power. Very reliable. Thanks. Ruth

John,  I called yesterday and spoke with Sandra over the phone. Thank you for the Joint Strong. Wow what a great product. I have a fellow competitor that has a 9 year old red Lab that has completely turned around from a dog that laid  around and was very slow at running and swimming.  He now is back to competing. But not just competing he's performing better then he has ever done before. Just this past weekend he jump a new personal best of 19'2". Joint Strong has done wonders for this old dog. Thank you  Here is Oscar (on the right) a 9 year old Red Lab and his son Jack (on the left) a 5 year old Red Lab owned by Rex and Kate Johnson from Clinton, Pa.  Tim Kinder, Team Casey

I have a black/tan smooth hair mini doxie that's been taking K-9 Show Stopper for about 3 years. He's 5 now. His coat is so shiny and beautiful that someone recently commented that his fur looks like a seal's. It's a beautiful and glossy jet black. His skin stopped flaking years ago. He rarely sheds. I will never stop giving this to him. Love this product.

I can't believe how great this product is. It has made a HUGE improvement on my Dobe's coat. He is a fawn and therefore has a thinner coat than say a black and tan. Show Stopper has really helped to thicken his coat and it's darker, shinier and healthier looking. I won't be with out Show Stopper. Well worth it.  Donna

My new champion AKC/UKC Ch. Akadia Special Forces aka Trooper been on K9 Show Stopper since he was 10 weeks old.

"Thank you very much. Good customer service, I really appreciate it! Last but not the least thank you very much for K9 Show Stopper PLUS Joint. This product is awesome love it, my 7 year old pitbull Barber is looking good! His coat is shiny with hardly any shedding and he loves it. Thank you once again hope to be a lifetime customer because of the benefits of your good product, paired with good customer service!"

Hi John, I am putting an order in for showstopper/go dog/super fuel. The showstopper is amazing. Here is a pic of Brazen - she has been on the Show Stopper since the beginning of March. Her coat is beautiful and she receives many compliments.

"I can't tell you what a difference your product K9 Show Stopper has made in my dog's life - no more hot spots for one!  She looked like she had mange, but after 2 weeks use her hair started coming back & a year later she's the pretties Belgian Sheepdog you've ever seen!  Thank you!!!!"  Vanessa L

Team Johnson had a blast competing down in Ashland KY at Poages Landing Day at Woofstock put on by DockDogs and Kentucky DockDogs. 
Jack our 5 year old Lab finished:
2nd overall (1st Titan) Iron Dog w/a new PB score of just over 2990 almost hit 3000. 
This ID score is a total score of the next 3 events.
2nd overall in Big Air w/the 2nd longest jump of the weekend overall of 23.6ft
2nd overall in Speed Retrieve w/a new PB of 6.3..something seconds 
3rd overall in Extreme Vertical (2nd Top Gun) with a 6'4ft grab 
Someone had steak for dinner...

Oscar our 9 year old Lab (Jacks dad) handled by my wife Kate Johnson finished:
With a Solid 25..something Iron Dog Warrior Score
He was the #1 qualifier in the Contender division 
3rd in the Contender BA final 
2nd Cadet EV with a 5'8 grab tied his PB
He had a 10.0...something second speed run

Reba our 7 year old lab (Jacks mom) actually got off the dock in all 4 of her jumps this weekend in BA. She never really jumps but she gained some confidence and went from 1.7 ft to 3.3 ft by the end of the weekend. She all most ran and jumped once but hit the breaks. She has so much fun retrieving the toy once she is in. Also she love barking and prancing around the dock. 

We would love to thank K9 Power and especially Super Fuel and Joint Strong for helping fuel our weekend.

Hi, my name's Duke. I'm only about two years old but I have really bad arthritis in both of my elbows. My Mom and Dad adopted me about two months ago, and when they learned about the arthritis, they ordered me some K9 Joint Strong. I have been on it for about two weeks now and I like running and playing a LOT more!! Thanks, K9 Power!!

Our 2 yo German Wirehaired Pointer, powered by Super Fuel at last week's Dock Dogs Wild Card Weekend, Oshkosh, WI!

Trialing Rottweilers in the summer time can be a challenge.  They have a tendency to get hot very quickly.  My wife and I trialed a pair of Rottweilers last weekend at O.G. Indianapolis Schutzhund und Polizei.  The week leading up to the trial we began "preloading" our dogs with Go Dog in an attempt to lessen the stress of exhaustion and aid in recovery. We did this in addition to the K9 Power products we use on a daily basis.   Our dogs performance in the trial as well as the days leading up to the trial amazed me. They were fresh and energetic no matter the temperature.  I now have no doubt that K9 Power will be a part of my training  program from this point forward.

"I wanted to thank you for your awesome product Super Fuel. I have been looking for a supplement for my dog that had joint support while gaining muscle strength and be 100% all natural. Most people just showed me joint support and said that is all that is available."

"I wanted to thank you for your awesome product K9 Super Fuel. I have been looking for a supplement for my dog that had joint support while gaining muscle strength and be 100% all natural. Most people just showed me joint support and said that is all that is available."

"Just want to pass on the team's thanks for your continuing support of Four Paws Racing.   We use the best super premium products for our dogs!  Your K9 Super Fuel gave our dogs the extra fuel to keep going right to the final race!"

"Thank you for your great product, K9 Joint Strong. My 6 1/2 year old Lab had her right knee surgery 3 weeks ago and she is doing great! I started her using Joint Strong over a year ago, just in time for her left knee surgery ... and her recovery has been remarkable. I believe using Joint Strong has been a key element for her great come-back. Can't wait to get back on a beach.  TR

"Our German shepherd was diagnosed with degenerative mylopathy and arthritis several years ago. Her back legs have gradually been weakened to the extent that a couple months ago she finally collapsed and could barely manage to walk outside to do her business. Our veterinarian prescribed pain medications, and also suggested we supplement her food with joint support and hyaluronic acid. We had been giving her glucosamine chrondroitin, but after researching the internet we discovered Joint Strong, and ordered it right away. It seems to include everything we need for her and then some. I am happy to report she is spending less time in her bed, and is now able to get around the house and walk outside so much better. "

What a great weekend at Cabelas. 3 Rivers DockDogs really put on a great event.

Kate n O 9+year old lab- finished w/a PB n BA 18.6 a PB n speed of 9.484 (faster then me) n EV 5'4 w/a PB n ID of 2599.(also better then mine).  Reba 7year old lab n I jumped 2.4 n 1.7 but important thing she got in both times and she went right n no problem the second time. So proud!  Jack 5 yr old lab n I - BA 23.6, PB n speed of 6.456 (2nd overall), n EV of 6'4 (3rd overall) n finished w/a PB n ID of 2988 (2nd overall).

Thanks to K9-Power and Super Fuel and Joint Strong for helping to fuel our performance!!!

"A local kennel got me into Joint Strong. I don't see it on your website. I LOVE the stuff and have seen incredible improvements in my Doxie as well as my Dane. Please tell me you guys did not get rid of it!!"

My 2 yr old Belgian Malinois, India, is competing in multiple dog sport events, Mondioring, Dock Diving and Obedience. I began using K9 Super Fuel, Go Dog, Carnivore Cookies and Omega Dog this summer to see if the products would have any effect on her performance during long training and competition days. Before using these products, her performance was not at the level it began at, especially on multiple event days. Once we began consistently using these products, I saw an improvement in her stamina, with no reduction in her energy level at the end of the day, which is typically when the finals occur. Not only will I continue to use these products, I plan on expanding the use of these and other Animal Naturals products for my older pet dogs too. It is great using products that not only are good for her, but she also likes all the products we have used.

"We have other dogs, and have also started the older ones on Joint Strong. In addition, everyone is getting Show Stopper, Young At Heart, and Omega Dog. We are so excited to have 'found' you, and sincerely appreciate your concern for animals and for creating products to help them feel better."

"I saw a difference in 3-4 days with K9 Joint Strong on an old dog and this dog did not respond to any of over a dozen joint formulas we gave. This works when others do not. I have tried them all, I know."

"My bag of bones loves this Healthy Gainer powder and has gained enough weight at the dog park I do not get accused of starving her. Her name is Regina Jack Russell cross. They gain weight on this product and they like it."

"I gave Joint Strong to my 10 year old bitch who was limping badly. We ran out and after 4 days not taking the product she began to limp again. You can tell a lot about a product when after a dog stops taking it. This is the single BEST joint product I've ever used."

Hi John, Here is a great shot of Gino with me (wearing your hat!) "Gino"  V-Gino V Haus Echo VD Olgameister SchH3, IPO3, FH2, UD, TD, OM1, Kkl1a, 2014 AKC NOC 17th place!  Gino is truly a dream working dog! He excelled in IPO, competing in National and Regional Championships and now in AKC obedience. He is maintained on Super Fuel, Joint Strong and Go-Dog!  Gino is 21 otch points away from earning his AKC OTCH and one leg away from his AKC UDX!  He was invited to and competed at the grueling 2014 AKC NOC - National Obedience Championship, qualifying all 12 runs over 2 days of competition, earning 1369 points out of the total 1420 - ranking him in 17th place out of 127 dogs!  I maintained his endurance and competitive edge by giving him a "Go-Dog" shaker after each run! 12 fantastic runs - 12 shakers to replenish muscles, fluids and give him the carb boost needed for this extreme physical and emotional stress! Good boy Gino, fantastic product; Go-Dog! Thanks, Trish Pray

"I just wanted to let you know how please and satisfied I am with your product "Young at Heart".  I have a 16 year old Schipperke who seemed to be losing all her muscle mass and had a very dry dull coat.  Initially I thought that these were just symptoms of her advanced age.  Within a month of starting her on your supplement she looks and acts years younger.  Her coat is shiny and full and she appears to be getting back her muscle mass.  Before the supplement was added she spent most of her time sleeping.  Now she runs around again like a much younger dog."

"Well, my puppies came in the wee hour of the morning. You are right about the Puppy Gold. Feeding it the bitch, they where much bigger and stronger than her last litter. I am soooooooo impressed now, I guess I will be using this stuff with every litter."

"I have been using Young at Heart and Joint Strong for years for my older dogs and swear by the stuff. One time when my shipment of Joint Strong was late and my old boy went without it for a week it was obvious. When he resumed his powder the difference was dramatic."

"Jasper Joe is 15 years old and we brought him home from Three Rivers Calif.  We have had him as a kitten, we have had Sassy and Moonie for 10 years, Jasper and Moonie were having some issues and needed fiber and with Jasper being up there in cat years I was worried.  I have noticed a difference in Jasper since he has been on the Jungle Kitty, he has more energy, I see him running through the house more. Jasper is more alive and a lot more active, he is doing more running and jumping up on things he never has before and its just amazing and he is my cat who is picky about eating new things."

"Thank you again - you are helping my son and the dogs! My little dog with the runny eyes i asked you about... 72 hours into taking Immune Dog the runny eyes and gunk are G O N E."

"You are the nicest, most customer service inclined company I have ever done business with. You need to set up a new business - "How To Treat A Customer". You could make millions! Thank you for just once again letting me know that there are nice people in this world. Merry Christmas to you and yours, whether you believe it's reason or not! Rita A"

"Even over the holidays, these guys processed my order quickly and efficiently. They have great products."

"These guys are always great to work with. They're fast, reliable, and their products are great. Thanks!"

"True pro's with real customer service. Highly recommend!"

"Exceptional... Love these people, they are great...."

"I would say one of the best online stores, the product arrives in just a couple days and you are notified when it was delivered. Thank you! Connie"

"Very prompt service and high quality product. My dogs think this is the best store on the web"

"Very good customer service, super fast shipping and best of all, outstanding quality products. Highly recommended"

"EXCELLENT!! Super fast shipping, great price on product. I will be a repeat buyer and highly recommend this company!!"

"Service was fast and friendly. Product great!! Thanks so much. Wendy"

"Great products. Must have if you love your dogs and want them to have a long healthy life"

"Attached is a picture of our Standard Poodle, Alzias You Don't Know Jack. He was on your Show Stopper and Super Fuel for approximately 6 months before he went on the show circuit. He grew his show coat in incredible time and put on the weight that he needed for showing. He finished in 6 weeks which is quick for a poodle."

"I had an identical breeding of same male-female. On this product Puppy Gold the bitch has more milk, the puppies filled faster. The puppies all looked great, developed faster. It made a big difference I did not believe it until I tried it. You breed dogs, you want this product."

Thank you so much for making a product (K9 Joint Strong) that has helped improve the quality of life of my little soul mate.  Joanne Fleming

Hi, I have been using K9 Super Fuel for about 3 years now and I love it! Both of my dogs compete in agility and I noticed that you now have a supplement called K9 Hard Dog. Should I be using this instead of the Superfuel? Are there any other supplements that I should be feeding as well? Thanks in advance for your time! Below is a video of my 10 year old BC doing Superstakes Distance, I owe her great health and amazing speed, even at 10 years old, to K9 Power! Thanks! Amanda Nelson

"In the competitive sport of Dockdogs we need an edge. Thats why we use K9 Superfuel and K9 Go Dog. After our workouts we use Superfuel. Because of Superfuel my dog is always improving. His strength and stamina is top notch. We use Go Dog whenever we are at competitions. As an Irondog competitor we are in many waves and disciplines throughout a weekend. And GoDog gives him the energy he needs to last through Sunday."

"John, I had to drop you a line and let you know how much the dogs in our kennel have improved with the Super Fuel and Show Stopper. It is unbelievable, a supplement that does so much and cost zero to use, let me explain that statement . Since using these supplements my dogs are eating less, looking better and because of the probiotics in them, I am seeing less waste.  I took them all 5 of them into the vet and he did physicals and came out and said.  I don't know what you are doing , but whatever it is keep on doing it . These dogs look great and their stats are off the chart. The healthiest dogs I have seen in this practice." What a great complement for your supplements. My husband who does not pay much attention to my dogs said the other day "Your dogs are really looking good, I think they have improved and I believe you will continue to do good in the shows this year ." Anya Ruth Cummings, Black Knight Kennels.

"I wouldn't believe that this stuff works as well as it does if I hadn't seen it for myself. I tried it with both of my dogs, and within 1 month, their coats improved drastically. Ran out of Show Stopper, didn't replace it, and a month later I could see their conditions go back to the subpar level they had been before I tried this stuff. Long story short; this product works.' Works like a charm!!!!"

"I wanted to tell you that the products are totally awesome!!! Also... through my network, I met and am now sponsoring 'Rocket' a shelter rescue turned champion dock diver with Super Snouts! I am attaching a couple of pictures of Rocket. Can you believe someone threw this dog away???"

"Hello, my name is Dr. Rodney Franks, I am a chiropractor who specializes in chiropractic care for animals specializing in sporting dogs. Recently, our Belgian Malinios came down with lyme's and it created lameness in the rear legs combined with extreme fatigue. We were extremely concerned that she would have permanent weakness'stamina issues and all the training my wife has put into her over the last two years would have came to a halt. After treatment of the lyme's disease we noticed her endurance continued to lag. At a trial a fellow competitor recommended your K9 Superfuel and after researching your product, we decided to purchase it as your product falls in line with our raw feeding, holistic approach to health. I can not begin to tell you how impressed we are with your product. Not only have we noticed decreased recovery time after exercise, increased stamina but her coat is absolutely stunning!"

"I Used K9 Puppy Gold for Dam and puppies and was very pleased with the results!! I will be using this product with all my litters! AAA+++++"

Upside & Mikiko Ranked #1 in Free Flight 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 in the Japan Frisbee Association!

Hi John, This year the Super Fuel, Go Dog and Joint Strong really helped Upside. She was this years Free Flight Champion (Ranking No.1), same as last year!. Even after she whelped her puppies this year! I used K9 Puppy Gold and the pups are really healthy now.  Best regards  Mikiko

"I wanted to let you know how happy I am with Young at Heart. I have a nearly 11-year-old borzoi. She is a show and racing dog and generally runs three heats in a race, but in the past couple of years was too tired after her second run. I saw Young at Heart on a web site and bought some mostly because it was on sale. She had been on it about a week when we had a race, and to my surprise she wasn't tired after her second race and was able to complete the third. Her strength and stamina have continued to improve so much that a couple of months ago she earned her first racing point at over 10 ½ years old. She also recently received an Award of Merit at a specialty show and had the crowd clapping for her as she ran around the ring with so much energy. Thank you for a product that gives such improved energy and life."

"I just want to say what WONDERFUL products K9 Show Stopper and K9 Puppy Gold are!!!  This is my 3rd order from K9 Power, and I am pleased beyond words.  I raise and show Rat Terriers, and I have refrained from offering a review until I felt enough time had passed to really observe the results.  These products have EXCEEDED my expectations!  I'm not just talking about maintaining decent coat condition. . .  I'm talking about SLICK, GLEAMING coats that are noticeably thicker and that shed far less than ever before (on puppies, too, which is even more unusual than on adult dogs).  I'm talking about teeth that STAY clean (we feed raw meat and bones as well as super-premium kibble).  I'm talking about dams that have more stamina and milk and actually do not blow their coats after raising a litter.  And I'm talking about puppies that develop practically beyond their optimum growth levels at every stage.  Thank you for these outstanding products.  I'm finished searching for supplements. . .I have found the absolute answer with K9 Power."

"K9 Show Stopper is a wonderful product. This product has been fed to my dog since he was 9 weeks old. I feel it has helped him to develop into the beautiful show dog that he is today. His coat is beautiful with a high sheen, and he has got lots of energy and vitality. His bones are stout and sturdy and I feel that this product has enhanced him so much. Mac is a toy Australian Shepherd with boundless exuberance!"

VA-Gorbi v. Kirchenwald, SchH 3, KKl 1

Gorbi goes VA-3 at the 2008 North American Sieger Show!!  Gorbi was the Highest Placing American Bred Working Male at the 2007 German Sieger Show!!  Gorbi is Maintained on K9 Super Fuel and K9 Show Stopper!

"I am not one to write in about products, but this is one time I have to share my story.  Joint Strong saved my Golden Retriever!!  Heidi, my Golden will be 14 on March 11, 2010.  She started showing signs of her age about 4 months ago, with her back end giving out and occasionally falling.  Too old for any type of surgery I just kept her as comfortable as possible.  Heidi only would show pain by twitching ears, she's never been one to whine.  When things started getting worse I contacted a good friend of mine, who is also a very respected veterinarian in the Austin, TX area.  She recommended Joint Strong and also said they use it on their Goldens.  I started Heidi on it as soon as I received it.  Then Heidi really took a turn for the worse and I knew I was going to have to say goodbye, but I wanted the family to spend just a little bit more time with her and I really wanted the Joint Strong to have a little more time to work.  Needless to say, I am so happy I did.  Heidi is now walking by herself, trotting around and playing, she was to the point she couldn't even hold herself up to eat and I literally carried her outside to go potty and had to hold her the whole time.  I credit Joint Strong for giving us more quality time with her.  Joint Strong is truly amazing and a miracle worker for Heidi.  We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for JOINT STRONG!!!"

"K9 Show Stopper - Best supplement ever. We rescued our dog, and he was 20 pounds under weight with a dull coat when we brought him home. We added this supplement to his food, and he loved it! It immediately helped bring a wonderful shine to his coat, helped improve his appetite, and his whole body just flourished. We stopped using this briefly once he had filled out, but then he got itchy winter skin, and we put him right back on...the itch all disappeared. We consider this as crucial as his food."

CH Wund-R Y’s Best Kept Secret (Seeker) Am & Can Best In Show!! 

"I want to say "Thank You" for such a wonderful product, K9 Show Stopper. I am a breeder/owner/handler of Keeshonden and my top male, Seeker, Can BIS, Am & Can BISS CH Wund-R Y's Best Kept Secret has been using your product since the summer of 2008. Although his coat was lovely and he was in terrific shape, a friend of mine from my local kennel club mentioned K9 Show Stopper to me so I bought the 1 lb container at a show. I noticed Seeker was very much more in tune when I was showing him, even had a sparkle in his eye I hadn't noticed before. His coat appeared to be in nicer condition and being a Keeshond, the coat is a big part of the breed. I then bought a 4 lb container and I was hooked. As of the end of September 2008, Seeker was the #9 Keeshond in the US and #4 in Canada! All this with limited showing! Thanks to Show Stopper, Seeker is on the top of his game. Terri V"

"Just wanted to say WOW! I have never shopped with you before, I came to you on a customer referral, and I am super impressed. I just placed my order about 4 hours ago and it’s already on its way. Now that’s what I call GREAT customer service. We are Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeders and do herding, conformation and agility. With currently 4 dogs in the house we go through a lot of product and your companies great service just got all of my business and anything else I can swing your way! Thanks." Mikki A

"I am writing to thank you for your generosity with your 'Young At Heart' 'miracle powder!' Since beginning the program, Jazzy has had miraculous results!  When we began using 'Young At Heart', Jazzy couldn't even walk and barely had the desire to eat. The prognosis of the vet was not good; they sent me home with little more than condolences and some pain killers, to keep her comfortable until her inevitable death. Her condition was truly pathetic; she couldn't even stand on her four legs to eat. The little fur she still had, was thin and she was covered in bright red 'hot spots'-- she was constantly itching and chewing at her sores. Her legs were fur-less as well as half her backside. I had to use a towel as a sling, to lift her up and down my deck steps to help her to the grass, in order to relieve herself. She rarely smiled; even wagging her tail was too much effort. She had just enough energy to gaze at me with sad and soulful eyes, letting me know how miserable she was -- we knew she was dying.  Following much heartbreak, my friend, and yours, 'Rob' shared with you, Jazzy's story, and you suggested one of your special products created just for the kind of condition Jazzy seemed to be suffering. We wasted no time in testing the product; I was desperate. Within a months time, she began to make noticeable progress -- her tail was wagging, her desire to stand up and eat was encouraging, but not always successful. Her sores were healing and her itching seemingly disappeared. Most shockingly, the skin on her tummy, long ago, turned to a patchy, dirty looking gray; was turning pink, like a new puppy's tummy! Even her ears on the underside turned pink!  Within three months, Jazzy was walking without a limping gait. She was back in the kitchen begging -- this, I was thrilled to see! But the 'coup de gras' and when I really knew you had created a 'miracle formula', was when she began returning to her mischievous ways -- following an all day outing for my household and without a witness to catch her, she rummaged through the garbage cans, spreading the mess throughout the house! Yep, She's back!!! I never thought I'd be so happy to be greeted by such a mess! I can't thank you enough, but I think you already know the import of saving the life of a family member. I owe you a deep debt of gratitude. I pray that others will find your products and begin to mend the damage that a poor and lacking diet will create. I wish I had known about your products sooner; I would definitely have had Jazzy on this supplement, long ago."

"The K9 Joint Strong formula is great for my very high energy competitive performing Aussie "Cody Bear".... I also use the K9 Super Fuel during his competitions and it makes a world of difference... I've turned quite a few people on to K9Power for both young and older dogs and they love the immediate results they see in their dogs!"  Bear Competes in disc (frisbee) with his team Disc Dogs of Southern California. He's in the latest commercial for "Advair" asthma medication currently airing.  He just currently joined a K9 Entertainment Show called "Muttley Crew" that performs shows combining flyball, frisbee and agility in S. Calif., Arizona and Neveda. Shows are usually at elementry schools, pet adoption fairs, Pet Walks, etc. They have done shows on Animal Planet as well. (   2006-2009 – K9 Entertainer for the Pooch Party in Lake Havasu City, AZ – With Cody’s talents in high flying frisbee, flyball and agility he puts on a great show for this yearly event. He has become Lake Havasu’s only K9 entertainer.  2006 Pooch Party in Lake Havasu - 1st place Most Handsome, 1st place Fastest Dog (Radared at 35 mph)   Michele and Cody 

“I am feeding 2 of my cattle dogs Show Stopper and 2 of my older dogs Young at Heart. The results are amazing! My show bitch has a coat so thick I have to groom her a few times a week! I am not complaining, because her coat was so poor this winter (before Show Stopper)  I had to pull her from several shows...” -Touchstonejack

"I put him on your Young at Heart and the Joint Strong and oh my goodness, what a change! He has done a complete turnaround. He is extremely active, with no joint problems at all. Everyone that has seen him lately cannot believe the change in him from when he was dragging so badly only months ago. His coat is also very shiny, which is nice since he is a black dog. Thank you very much for such superior products. You have a lifetime customer."

K9 Show Stopper - So far so good! I've only been using this for a couple of weeks on my 8-year old German Shepherd. So far his coat has gotten softer, his coloring has become brighter and his energy level has increased! His eyes look a lot brighter! I will purchase this product faithfully to keep him as healthy and comfortable as possible!" -LarMar

"I am really excited about Puppy Gold and what it is doing for these presently motherless pups. Just had to share."

“I stopped by on Wed to pick up some of your products, meant to get K9 Super Fuel but instead came home unexpectedly with Show Stopper, so I gave it a shot.  I don't think it's my imagination, but I swear my older male's coat has changed in 2 days.  It was starting to get little dry for the first time in his life, and I can feel the change already.  Is this even possible or have I gone nuts?” Judy, Dogs Can Dance

"I wouldn't believe that this stuff works as well as it does if I hadn't seen it for myself. I tried it with both of my dogs, and within 1 month, their coats improved drastically. Ran out of Show Stopper, didn't replace it, and a month later I could see their conditions go back to the subpar level they had been before I tried this stuff. Long story short; this product works." Works like a charm!!!!”

The Three Top Placements at the 2008 UScA H.O.T. Championship in Akron, Ohio, All Use K9 Super Fuel and K9 Go Dog for Athletic Canine Maintenance.

A Big Congratulations to:
1st - Debbie Zappia and Jai vom Olgameister
2nd - Ron Fox and Dar Rychly Lotar
3rd - Frank Phillips and H-Cayos av Xazziam

K9 Show Stopper - "Wonderful product. This product has been fed to my dog since he was 9 weeks old. I feel it has helped him to develop into the beautiful show dog that he is today. His coat is beautiful with a high sheen, and he has got lots of energy and vitality. His bones are stout and sturdy and I feel that this product has enhanced him so much. Mac is a toy Australian Shepherd with boundless exuberance!" -Awsomeaussie

"My dogs have never looked better. I rescued my Doberman from a no kill shelter who had rescued him from death row. He was  taken from his owner by animal control after being starved and beaten. So sad. When I got him home he had a lot of stomach problems and weight gain problems, plus dermatitis. I put him on Natural Balance and Show Stopper, and it worked. He looks great. About 6 months after I got him he was struck by a hit and run driver in my yard in front of me. He fractured his two lower vertebrae and had to be in traction for 6 months. He lost a lot of weight again; but, 2 years later with the same food and Show Stopper he has healed completely and looks fantastic. Coat is rich and red -  70lbs and runs and jumps like a puppy."-3CrazyDogs

"I put my 8yr old female Dutch shepherd bomb dog and my 9yr old Dutch Shepherd narcotic detector dog on the Young at Heart. 2 wks and they were bouncing off of the wall again"

"Helps restore dog's health. Blue Bayou, our Keeshond/Chow-Chow mix, was rescued when he was 1 ½ as a neglected “lot dog.” His coat was so matted he had to be shaved and he was15 pounds under weight. He also had ear, eye, and digestive problems. Besides a high quality diet, I wanted to give him a nutritional boost. I chose Show Stopper because it is made with superior ingredients and covers all the nutritional bases. After six months Blue’s coat grew in lush and full, and his other health problems had lessened. Now, almost two years after rescue, he is a healthy, beautiful dog. I’ll continue to supplement his food with Show Stopper because it is a perfect defense against the ravages of stress, environment, and aging. Show Stopper is not cheap, but the foundational health it provides will pay for itself by preventing malnutrition, joint deterioration, digestive & skin problems. I recommend this product 100%."-DogTalker07

"I fostered a dog who came to me with mange and skin allergies -- he left less than a month later for his new home looking ten years younger, healthy and like he'd been well cared for his entire life. I feed it to both of my dogs now and can say, with complete confidence, that this product is worth every penny. Everyone asks what I feed my dogs and I'm not afraid to tell them: Show Stopper makes the difference."-Belunn

"I have a 9 year old German Shepherd with hip displasia, over the past years I tried many products and nothing ever made a really big difference for my dog. You recommended the Joint Strong, John I can not believe the improvement this stuff has made for my dog. Thank you"

"I am already seeing a difference in our dogs' coats with K9 Show Stopper and our older dogs also have more energy. Thank you!"

2008 WUSV World Championship Team Member  V-Jai vom Olgameister, SchH3, KKL1!!

2008 USA H.O.T. Championship - 1st Place  96-96-98 = 290!
2008 North American Chamionship - 2nd Place  High Tracking  High H.O.T.
2007 USA National Schutzhund 3 Championship  High Obedience  High H.O.T.
2007 NE Regional Schutzhund 3 Championship - 1st Place  High in Trial  High Protection High H.O.T.

Jai is Maintained on K9 Super Fuel and K9 Go-Dog!

"The Show Stopper is an awesome product, I have 5 show dogs of my own and conduct doberman rescue as well. The first thing I do with my rescues is put them on Show Stopper to help their overall condition and coat - it really works miracles!"

"I can say one thing, I have bought product after product for my young dog with Hip Dysplasia and Joint Strong is the only one which seems to have the magic touch. My girl is off of 1/2 tablet of Deramaxx to 1/4 pill every other day. It is working and nothing had ever before."

"I don’t know what magic potion Young at Heart contains but I do know that after being on it for a week now, my old Granny who is in her 13th year took me for a walk tonight that I won’t easily forget! I could barely keep up with her. I had her on the Flexi Lead and she was going lickety split all over the park as fast as she could go. I wore out long before she did! Do you think it would help me, too? I could use a dose of energy! Just thought I’d share. I’m impressed so far."

“We just wanted to send you a letter making you aware of how happy we are with your products. In August 2004, Renee was selected to represent Canada at the WUSV World Championships in Holland. To prepare for this event, her dog Colin Malemi SchH3, FH- who is now 7yrs old was put into a heavy regiment of running and swimming along with his regular demanding training of obedience, tracking and protection. Conditioning was always an ongoing concern with endless efforts, so we found ourselves in need of a competitive edge. Remembering you and your level of expertise in human and canine nutrition and conditioning, we set out to locate you for your assistance"

"K9 Show Stopper - A have-to-have supplement. Since using this Product Lillie (who is a Therapy Dog) no longer seems to be bothered by her allergies. Always has energy to spare (I'm not sure how good this part is since she is a high energy Boston Terrier). She loves the taste. She has never been food driven; but when I take the container off the counter she runs right over to where her food bowl is. People have asked what we're doing different. I’m using the same shampoo, conditioner and food. The only thing different is Show Stopper for the past two months......"

"Wonderful product. I bought this product a month ago for my 2 dogs, who have allergy problems in the winter. They haven’t had them this year. I believe it is because I have been using Show Stopper. Their coats look wonderful and more importantly for me and them they haven’t been scratching."-Sassymama
"Show dog hall of fame product. I show my Golden retriever, as do most of my friends do theirs, and we all LOVE this product for building and maintaining an amazing coat on our dogs. Nutritionally, if you have a picky eater, sprinkle this on and it seems to entice them to eat. It helps put weight on an active dog or one that loses weight during performance times. I cannot say enough about how terrific it is and how amazing my dog's coat stays because of it!"-Laurie C
"My dog, Smokie, had terrible allergies. The fur around his eyes looked all crusty and bald. The vet wanted us to put him on steroids, and other pills with no guarantee that it would help. That was just before I met the owner of Animal Naturals who recommended Show Stopper. Within a few days, Smokie’s coat cleaned up, his energy grew and he could continue to fulfill his job as a working dog at our day care center. Once Smokie’s allergies cleared up, he would fake his itchy eyes to get more Show Stopper - a great sign that even Smokie knew it worked.  I continued to share Show Stopper and other Animal Natural products with friends who had dogs with joint and fur/skin problems. Each and every one came back for more. Please, if you have a dog with joint problems, hot spots or loss of performance, try Show Stopper. We truly got a whole new dog."

"A few months ago we moved from CA to CO where the air is dry. Smokie just had his 4 year check up and got a A++ rating from the vet. Now even his vet has a picture of Smokie, who started in the June issue of Dog World ad for Animal Naturals on his office wall. Don't hesitate, you will enjoy a healthy dog. I am a strong believer that Show Stopper works, please give it a try (I have not been paid to say this, just love the product)"-Smokie

“Best product I’ve used. We have a beautiful Dobe, but she had the WORST skin and coat. We got her as an adult and every time we petted her our hands came away coated in dandruff. I kid you not. Then one of our friends who shows Dobes recommended Show Stopper. She said that many of the show people use it with their dogs and it really worked. Well, we were desperate and so decided to try it. Well, was she ever right. It has made a HUGE difference. We now have a beautiful Dobe with the BEST skin and coat. She absolutely shines. People actually ask us how we've gotten her in such great condition. We just sprinkle a measure full of Show Stopper on each of her meals, so it's fast & easy. At this point we wouldn't be without this product. We highly recommend it!”-Shelia in California

K9 Show Stopper - Awesome stuff. This stuff works wonders. It takes a couple of weeks (possibly months depending on your dog) to work but the results are incredible. I would suggest that you use it solid for 3 weeks every day to get great results. Great coat and body building formula.” -C Fehr

“We've been showing dogs of several breeds for over 30 years. I wouldn't be without this terrific supplement. I use it for ALL my dogs, even the old retired ones. Just had an 11 yr. old male go through his "old dog" physical and he's in super shape! Blood work all good, coat good and he's full of energy. If you're going to give a supplement, use THIS one. Try the small size first and by the time you've used it all, I think you'll always want to use it.” -Dulcinea

K9 Show Stopper - This product is amazing. My dog was biting and scratching, but I couldn't figure out why (he's on flea medication) and the only thing my vet would do is give him a drug that would dehydrate him and make him urinate all the time. One canister of this product and he stopped the biting and scratching - and I will continue to give it to him.  Not only did it solve this problem, but he now has a glorious coat that is thick and shiny. Thank you.” -Jude Lindquist

“I purchased K-9 Show Stopper a few weeks ago because I thought it would be great for all the dogs to keep them healthy. One of my dogs has terrible skin problems and the only thing that has helped him was steroids. But when he came out his skin was a problem again. I started the K-9 Show Stopper (doubling the dose like the direction said for skin problems) and after two weeks I noticed that his hair was coming back and with a glow to it. His skin is not as dry as before either. I am really amazed by this product. I will always keep some in stock from now on. The other dogs seem to have more energy than before. They love the taste and I don't have any problems getting them to eat it. This has also helped with shedding. The only thing that I have noticed is that it does not help with flea problems as the label says. But, I would tell everyone. If you have dogs with skin problems this is the product to get." DKJones

“I purchased Show Stopper originally for my 2-1/2 year old Mastiff that has a very dull, dry and flaky coat. He is a very picky eater.  So nutrients are far and few between when he decides he doesn't want to eat. We have been using Show Stopper for only a week and I cannot believe the change in his coat!!! It's 100% better! He's still a picky eater, although not quite as picky this past week. His coat seems softer, there is NO flaking and his shedding has slowed WAY down! I'm really a believer. I've put the word out to a couple of my Mastiff breeder friends and they are planning on buying some Show Stopper at our next Show, which is this next weekend.” -Netjunkie

“When I first discovered Show Stopper I was dubious to say the least. I have Dobermans. After a few weeks of using it I noticed a big difference in their coat. So very shiny or glossy. And the dandruff disappeared. It seemed to have softened the coat some. My babies no longer seemed to have a smell to them. And they just overall looked better. Upon recommending this to a couple of people that had problems with skin itching on their dogs I got emails saying how the itching had stopped and the coats had cleared. No flakes and digging. My daughter’s Bull Mastiff has had a terrible time with his skin. Just one breakout after another. She has him on it now and doubled the dose like it says for really bad cases. And he is starting to clear up. The stuff from the vet did nothing. This is great stuff and I recommend it to anyone. In fact I listed it on my website. Great stuff.” -Fox

"My English Bulldog has turned into Super Dog since taking Joint Strong. Zorro Applebottom would take his time getting out of his dog house now he jumps out, he runs and very seldom walks. He is a new dog we are amazed at the way he has changed. Zorro really should be the poster dog for Joint Strong."

"Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to your excellent products! I have a 9 y.o. Great Dane/Rottweiler mix. "Zeta" is 150 lbs and normally very youthful. 2 months ago, she started exhibiting severe lameness in her right front leg. After a round of X Rays, it was found that she had an old bone chip in her shoulder. The vet felt it probably had been there most of her life, and for whatever reason it was suddenly bothering her. The orthopedic surgeon did not feel that surgery would guarantee a pain-free life, and advised just medicating her as needed. I tried numerous NSAIDS, but Zeta's sensitive stomach would not tolerate any of them. I was at a loss, and sad to see my normally energetic dog so depressed and lethargic. I have used K9 Show Stopper for about 6 months, and I liked the product. I sent an email to K9 Power for advice on a joint supplement, and Joint Strong was highly recommended. Zeta just finished ! her first 2 lb. container of Joint Strong, and the results are miraculous. She is off ALL prescription medications! And, best of all, she is back to being her happy energetic self! Even in the frigid weather we have been having in NJ, we can still go for a 3 mile PLUS walk every night - with Zeta dragging me most of the way! Not only is she not limping, but she has more energy than ever! The human-grade ingredients in Joint Strong do not bother her ultra-sensitive stomach at all, and she loves the taste! Thank you, K9 Power, for giving me my best friend back! I can't express my gratitude enough for your fabulous products. Please feel free to put this testimonial up on your site."

"I can't thank you enough for the time you gave me with my best friend. My dog was diagnosed with lupus and the vet had said that it would be better to put him down and that if we didn't he probably wouldn't make it another week. We decided that we would give him a week and if he didn't show any improvement that we would have our vet come out and have him put to sleep. I was searching the internet when I found K9 Show Stopper and ordered it. I started him on it the day it got to the door. The vet said that the K9 Show Stopper had given him the extra defenses that he really needed. Because of you Patyon was able to see age 3 and 1/2! Thank you again."

"We have a male Golden Retriever (Blaze) who is a breeder for "Canine Companions for Independence" ( in Santa Rosa, CA. He has suffered from allergies which result in dry, itchy skin and occasional hot spots for about a year. K9 Show Stopper was recommended by a friend, and I can not tell you how pleased we are with the product. In 4 weeks time his condition has changed dramatically. His coat is silky, soft, and shiny and he is no longer scratching! Thank you for a great product."

"Just wanted to let you know that I whelped a litter of Golden Retievers, I started the mother on K9 Puppy Gold the the last 2 trimester's and continued on it till the puppy's were weaned, the puppy's are still on it . What a great litter and I believe that Puppy Gold helped make it that way !" Thanks.....Jim

"We've been showing dogs of several breeds for over 30 years. I wouldn't be without this terrific supplement K9 Show Stopper. I use it for ALL my dogs , even the old retired ones. Just had an 11 yr. old male go through his "old dog" physical and he's in super shape! Blood work all good, coat good and he's full of energy. If you're going to give a supplement, use THIS one. Try the small size first and by the time you've used it all, I think you'll always want to use it."

"K9 Super Fuel is an excellent product. I had used it in the past to build muscle on my show dog. This time it was recommended to me by a canine nutritional specialist to help save the life if Joanie, my emaciated foster dog, whom we rescued at the weight of 35 pounds and whose ideal weight is 80 pounds. She is now packing on the weight and adding muscle quickly. The Super Fuel is a big help and the dogs think it's yummy!"

"Been giving the Show Stopper to my labs their entire life. I did own other labs, and they were always "itchy" and coats were dull. I give this stuff to them and they do not itch. Other supplements are also a good addition (glucosomine). Also, they look great. I run hunt tests and the shiny coats are always complimented. Like they are soaked in oil. I do not give them the recommended amounts to make it last longer, but find that works well. Not a quick fix, but a steady diet and you will see results in a few months. I scale back amount of dog food to keep weight in control. I use Purina Performance brand since they are active dogs and the Purina Performance does have the other good types of "fat" which is what makes this stuff (Show Stopper) so good."

"I wanted to write to you and thank you for your wonderful product, K9 Show Stopper. My Australian Shepherd Bitch had a litter of 9 puppies back in December, and after 3½ months I was worried that her coat was not coming back. She is an Agility dog as well as a breed champion, and I had decided to send her back out into the Specials ring for 2008. I put her on Show Stopper on the advise of a breeder/handler friend, and I could actually see results in just 1 week of use! She started back in the ring a few weeks later, and has been doing very well. Then just this week, she not only won the breed at Westminster, she took the Herding Group!! Everyone has commented on how nice her coat looks and can't believe she had puppies just a few months ago. What a great product you have! Again, Thank you! Best Regards, Terri Collins & Deuce (AKA BISS MBIS AKC/ASCA CH Vinelake Collinswood Yablon OA OAJ)"

"Show Stopper is the best product I have ever given to my dogs. Their coats improved so much if I had not seen it I would not have believed it. I have Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and beagles, all six dogs look great because of this product.

"This is the best product I have ever given to my dogs. Their coats improved so much if I had not seen it I would not have believed it. I have Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and beagles, all six dogs look great because of K9 Show Stopper" C. L. Rush, Beaverton, MI

"We absolutely love this product... Show Stopper!!! It has helped with hotspots, and skin allergies in both our Golden and Weim. We thank you for having this product!!! Candice"

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how wonderful it was dealing with It is not often that you are able to speak with a live person, receive fast shipping and work with a company that actually has the products it advertises IN STOCK!"

"Hi- I have a 6 month Border Collie, Kyla, (pet, non-working). She has been on K9 Puppy Gold for about 3 months. When we first got her at 8 wks, she wasn't weaned yet. Right away she started picking up small pieces of gravel and swallowing them. A vet said to give your Puppy Gold a try in case the problem was nutritional. After Kyla had been on the Puppy Gold for just 4 days, she lost her interest in eating gravel. It was pretty amazing! Thank you for such a great product!"

"I purchased K9 Show Stopper originally for my 2 1/2 year old Mastiff that has a very dull, dry and flaky coat. He is a very picky eater. So nutrients are far and few between when he decides he doesn't want to eat. We have been using Show Stopper for only a week and I cannot believe the change in his coat!!! It's 100% better! He's still a picky eater, although not quite at picky this past week. His coat seems softer, there is NO flaking and his shedding has slowed WAY down! I'm really a believer. I've put the word out to a couple of my Mastiff Breeder friends and they are planning on buying some Show Stopper at our next Show which is this next weekend."

"I just wanted to drop a note to advise I just love the result of the K9 Show Stopper. I stumbled across it while surfing the internet in search of a product that would give some "spunk" to my obedience and agility Toy Fox Terriers. I bought a 1 lb can and 4 weeks later purchased the 15 lb bucket. My dogs have been on the product since July. Wow! What a remarkable shine on their I've noticed increased energy and desire to work long and harder. I've since recommended this product to a number of people. Those who have purchased it have been very satisfied. Recently at a dog show I had somebody comment on the appearance of my dogs. If you have a rush of's because I love the product and promote it on a regular basis...."

"You guys have THE best product around - not only are your products excellent but you have a wonderful customer service department. Orders are sent amazingly quick - and if there is any delay - I get constant updates from customer service (which is GREATLY appreciated!)"

"Hello there, Your fantastic product "Joint Strong" has brought my puppy-mill rescue Maltese back on his feet and running, playing again! The poor fellow had dual surgery to correct joint damage due to bad breeding-I was told he would always be quite lame, and unable to do much more than a walk slowly with slow gait. K9 Joint Strong is truly amazing....."

"Thank you for your follow up. Customer service these days just isn't what it used to be and it is most impressive when a small company is still committed to their customers."

"Incidentally, I was introduced to you by my sister, who works at a very high-end kennel, breeding some of the most coveted German Shepherds in the country. They use your products religiously!"

"Hi guys, listen.. there is nothing I can tell you about your line of products that you don't already know or have heard a million times.. but I just have to say it... your stuff kicks serious ass !!!! .. I have raised and worked American Pit Bulls for close to 17 years now and have tried it all.. but what separates you guys from the rest and puts you on top is your products really do deliver !! .. others say what their stuff SHOULD do.. but your stuff DOES what it should do.. and that is why I'm a lifer when it comes to your products.. Folks always complement us on how our dogs "glow" they were dipped in a clear oil.. and the muscle tone is second to none, plus you know they are beaming with health by the way they have that swagger in their step and focus in their look.. like they know they "own the show".. anyway, I know you guys are busy and I could babble on.. just wanted to say thanks for putting so much research and time into your products so "we" can enjoy the benefits of your hard work."

"Thanks again! My dogs really liked this stuff. I got talked into something different but I am back for more Show Stopper now! I have a litter of GSD pups so I am anxious to receive this for mom!"

"Hi John, I received Sophie Mae's K9 Show Stopper. That product is the best, her coat shines and everyone mentions it. Mostly her vet every time he sees her. Plus I loooooooooove the service I get from you. You and your product are the best"

"These Carnivore Cookies are the BEST.....I use them for training and tracking and my dogs go nuts for them....And they're healthy!"

"I would just like to commend you on the speed of shipping your orders. I placed an order with you and within 2 days received the product. The other times I've placed my orders, it's been just as quick. I thought I would take a minute to thank you for the excellent service!! (And my dogs love your products, too!!)"

"My 9 year old Irish Setter boy loves the Joint Strong and he acts like he's 2 again. I have told people about your products-they are great!"

"I am sorry I did not take a before picture of our old Black and Tan Female. She has had skin problems all her life. At 13 they are more pronounced. Her coat was dull and lifeless,her hair was almost gone from her legs and under side. She had bald spots all over and was itchy and uncomfortable. I had used the same product on her for a long time and was not working any longer. So I researched and came across K9 Show Stopper. After only a few weeks her coat is black and shinny and almost all the bear spots have filled in even in the 100+ degree weather we are having. She is moving like a young dog again. Of course with the results we have had with her I started giving it to my Show female. This week end at the largest show of the year for us people where commenting on her condition. Naturally I told them about your product."

“I have been really impressed with your attention to customer service and quick response to orders. This has been my second order from you and I can tell you it will not be my last.”

"I'm writing to thank you for a marvelous product K9 Puppy Gold. I haven't seen anything quite like it. I love, breed and exhibit bulldogs and I had a three week old pup aspirate on his mother's milk. He got pneumonia and had a temp of 106.8! I guess it's needless to say we almost lost him. He didn't grow at all for 2 weeks and I started him on Puppy Gold. I immediately started to see a difference in the way he looked and felt and he caught up with his littermates in size so quickly. I now give the Puppy Gold to all of them and they look great! "Jesse" looks like he's never been sick a day in his life! I also started to give it to a pregnant bitch that we have and can't wait to see if it has the same awesome effect on the new pups when they come! Thank you again for a wonderful product."

"Thanks again for returning my call within an hour of my request. Your products, the combo GoDog, K9 Super Fuel, and Joint Strong, ordered on Saturday, arrived this morning, Tuesday. Never have I enjoyed such consistently excellent service, ordering online or by telephone! Congratulations!"

"I want to drop you an e-mail to let you know how impressed I am with your customer service! The fact that the owner of the company (John) insisted on speaking directly with me to assist in choosing what product would be right for my dog is just unheard of today. Thank you, you have a customer for life."

"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your Joint Strong product. I have a 12yo husky mix with some arthritis and have never before been able to find a joint supplement that she would eat. She would either eat around it or spit it out if in tablet form. No matter how "great tasting" it claimed to be!! And no matter what wonderful thing I mixed it with! She LOVES your Joint Strong!! No problem at all getting her to eat it!!!"

"I ordered the products you suggested, Joint Strong and Omega Dog and have really seen a difference. My dog is playing like a pup again and his limp has been significantly reduced. His coat is glossy as well!"

"Before using K9 Show Stopper Sophie Mae had lost all the hair on her ears and like a big circle all around them. It seemed to be spreading down on to her face. She had barely any hair at all on her chest area. Her little backside was bald. All over her coat was dull. I took her to her vet today for shots. Her last visit with him was before I started with the Showstopper. Vet was shocked when he saw her! All hair has grown back plus it is thick, healthy, and shines. She looks just beautiful and like the "star" that she is. I wish I had taken a "before" photo. The Show Stopper is a truly great product. Thank You and K9 Show Stopper!" Charlene & Sophie Mae

"Roxi’s crystalline, shiny black coat receives compulsive compliments from everyone who sees her! Her energy levels are extremely high in her protection and tracking classes ... a truly magnificent result of your K9 Super Fuel! She is the batmobile of dogs! The results are readily apparent and truly fabulous!"

"Just wanted to let you know that your product "Show Stopper" is FANTASTIC!! I tried it with reservations, but after one week I had dogs cleaning up their food, and an increased energy level. After several months I have healthy shiny coats, fantastic muscle tone and sensible energetic dogs for home or the show ring. I show Tibetan Terriers and their coats are their crowning glory and mine flow and shine with the Show Stopper -- Thanks for making a terrific product that works and is affordable!" D.O.

"Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I am impressed with how you do business, and will continue to use and recommend your company!"

"Hi! Wanted to follow up with you regarding my Boston Terrier. She had lost a lot of her fur, around her ears was completely bald and down her chest area. The fur that she had was real thin. I have had her on your Show Stopper for a little over a month. It has worked out excellent. She is looking great now. Fur all grown back in and her coat just shines. Thank you and Show Stopper very much. Charlene and Sophie Mae."

"Once Again.. I have to compliment your entire order process .... great FAST website....fantastic products...."

"So excited the Omega Dog Oil product. Lucas my Doberman is a finicky eater and would not touch the other brands of omega 3 oils because they had a strong fish smell. He loves the taste of the Omega Dog Oil and I know he is getting what he needs to have a healthy heart, gorgeous skin and coat, and the quality omega 3's with built in antioxidants to be a great agility dog."

"Bella, my super senior rottweiler will be turning 14 next month. She is the heart and soul of my Dogs Can Dance business. After a week on Joint Strong, her knees are no longer stiff. To think that even at this advanced age, her quality of life and activity can actually improve. It amazes me. Do they make this for humans?"

"Thanks for the info. My 11 year old Brittany is behaving like a pup after being on the Joint Strong. I have a 3 year old BC who has a sprained knee, and I have her on Joint Strong now also. She is well on the way to healing."

"K9 Show Stopper is the best product I have ever given to my dogs. Their coats improved so much if I had not seen it I would not have believed it. I have Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and beagles, all six dogs look great because of this product."

“It is often scary to order something on-line, but the delivery was prompt and the product was of the same quality as advertised. I would definitely recommend K-9 Power to my friends and family. You will be hearing from me again soon.”

"I just had to write to you and let you know how much our Miniature Schnauzer, Buddy, loves your K9 Show Stopper and Carnivore Cookies. If we don't feed it to him on time he comes and gets us. While we get it ready, he is sitting up and quivering. He does not leave a tiny piece in the bowl. He eats it just as a powder because he will only eat the same food as our cat and we can't add the powder to it. We break the cookie up in it sometimes and he is in heaven. He has a very, very sensitive stomach and has thrown up a lot and this seems to help him. Thank you so much for what you are doing for all our animals in helping to make them stronger and healthier so they can be with us longer."

"I have a 3-1/2 month old male whippet puppy that has been experiencing intermittent lameness. The lameness would travel from right shoulder to left shoulder, etc. My Veterinarian could find nothing wrong with the puppy and attributed this "traveling lameness" to a big growthy puppy growing at a rapid pace. He said that I could expect this puppy to probably show signs of this lameness for MONTHS to come until this puppy reached 6 - 9 months old. I started this puppy on the Puppy Gold about 3 weeks ago and the puppy has gradually stopped exhibiting the lameness signs. I cannot tell you with 100% certainty that the Puppy Gold has helped this problem but I feel strongly enough that I am NOT going to take the puppy off of the product until he is at least 6 months old!!"

"I wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase of K9 Puppy Gold. A friend of mine who has been your products for 9 years recommended that I try it. I feel that I will be using it for all my upcoming litters in the future as the mom and pups just love it on their food."

"The Show Stopper is an awesome product, I have 5 show dogs of my own and conduct doberman rescue as well. The first thing I do with my rescues is put them on Show Stopper to help their overall condition and coat - it really works miracles!"

"Our dog Daisy is an older German Shepherd-Labrador mix. She suddenly lost all hair on her back and hind legs and tail. She also lost 19 pounds and was not eating. We took her to the vet and received medicated shampoo, antibiotics for skin infection. I saw Show Stopper at a local pet store and bought a can. Suddenly, she gained weight ( now 55 pounds) and all her hair has grown back in beautifully. What a difference! I then went to your web site and bought even more in the largest size you have. Thank you so much for your wonderful products."

"I would just like to take a minute to thank you for the difference your products have made in my K9. I have an 8 1/2 year old German Shepherd Dog who is an active cadaver search dog. After coming back from working in New Orleans last year, he was very sick. His joints hurt from climbing rubble piles and debris and to compound that, he has hip dysplasia. He also had a torn ligament.

"After several lengthy conversations with you to establish the proper supplementation, we ordered K9 GoDog, K9 Super Fuel and Carnivore Cuisine to add to our raw diet. The results were astonishing, your products solved our dilemma and gave us the edge we were looking for in a highly competitive sport. Besides the coat looking fantastic, the dog was able to handle physical and mental stress better and for longer duration than ever before. These results were evident quite quickly"

"Prior to adding your products, Colin would show signs of soreness and fatigue during high levels of training and conditioning. We are glad to inform you that while on your products Colin went through two months of heavy conditioning and training and not once did he show signs of lameness, soreness, or fatigue. Just to give you an example of his routine Colin was up to running 10k three times a week and water retrieving a thrown bumper at 25x intervals twice a week along with the Schutzhund training in between exercising."

"Another benefit of the products was that he loved them, they dissolved easily with the water mixture and they were more convenient to feed while away than our regular food. Using your products has also pretty well eliminated all other vitamins and supplements to the dogs. We have also started to use your products on multiple dogs in the kennel, the cost factor pretty well equaled out in the end and we were far better off. All the dogs are showing good signs as we continue to use your products on them."

"We must also thank you for the most important aspect of this, which is your personal customer service. The service that we receive from you is unmatched and is hard to find these days. When we call to place an order, we know we will have our products within a couple days; this all makes us a very satisfied customer. We really appreciate it.”

"I just had to write to you and let you know how much our Miniature Schnauzer, Buddy, loves your Show Stopper and Carnivore Cookies. If we don't feed it to him on time he comes and gets us. While we get it ready, he is sitting up and quivering. He does not leave a tiny piece in the bowl. We break the cookies up in it sometimes and he is in heaven. He has a very, very sensitive stomach and has thrown up a lot and this seems to help him. Thank you so much for what you are doing for all our animals in helping to make them stronger and healthier so they can be with us longer."

“Just a quick note to express my satisfaction of your ordering and shipping procedures. I have purchased via on-line in the past, but your system by far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for great service.”

"I am a small breeder of German Shepherd Dogs and have a very nice web site. I use your products and believe in it. I would like to share it with the people I sell puppies to and for everyone who looks at my web site. I would be more than happy to promote your company on my site. You have an outstanding product line and wonderful customer service. My goal is to help the puppies I sell live long, happy and healthy lives and your products can assist me in this."

"Thank you for answering my questions so fast. I have 2 litters on the ground now and I really love the way my bitch looks and how the puppies are doing on it. The one litter is 2 weeks old and the puppies are strong and healthy and Mom so far looks great. Her coat is shiny. I have been breeding for 15 years now and this is the first time I have used your products and I am sold on them."

"I just needed to drop you quick note regarding the Super Fuel. I've been training and handling working dogs for years and have never used a product with such success. You can see the muscle grow, it's that noticeable, unbelievable! Also wanted to thank-you for the time you spent on the phone and help with the conditioning program."

“Our boxer Ginger thrives on K9 Show Stopper. Ginger has Crohn’s disease and has a very sensitive stomach. But Ginger has no problem digesting K9 Show Stopper and she has never looked this shiny or glossy. Plus, on K9 Show Stopper she does not suffer from skin problems like many dogs here in south Florida. K9 Show Stopper works, Ginger proves it.”

"My Dog Thunderbolt is 15 years old. Not long ago he could not get on his feet by himself and was wobbly. He used to take daily walks to the park up the street but has not for a long time. We gave Thunderbolt Young at Heart. I saw with my own eyes that this product helped my dog more than any vet ever did. Thunderbolt not only gets up now, but his stools are smaller. He walks everyday like he did 10 years ago! To call this product amazing does not begin to describe what it can do for older dogs. We ran out of Young at Heart. Within a few days our dog began to slide backwards. After feeding it again, he came back strong. Whatever is in this product, never change a thing. If you have a dog you love and you want to improve its quality of life when vets say there’s nothing you can do, just feed Young at Heart."

"Wanted to let you know that I out our aussi on Show Stopper and although he isn't a show dog I was hoping it would clear up some issues we have had with him since we rescued him. He has always since we got him three years ago had bad ear infections and dry skin on his belly and flaky skin. He has been to the vets numerous times trying to find something that would help him stop itching and clear up his ears that hurt him a lot and nothing worked. I have had him on your product for about a week and a half and his ears are 99% cleared up and I am sure with just another week will be totally better, his tummy is no longer red and itchy and is normal looking for the first time in three years. He also doesn't itch and his coat has gotten just beautiful. I just wanted to let you know that this is truly a great product. Thank you again I have both my show golden and my aussi on it and love the results."

"I was at an AKC dog show in our town on the 2nd of July and saw a booth where your products were being sold. I have a young Golden Retriever that I've had trouble getting to eat, and who is so active that I can't get any weight on. The dealer suggested I try your Show Stopper for dogs, so I bought a container to try out. In just a week, I noticed a difference in my dogs overall appearance, and he is much more eager to eat his meals than before."

“These before and after photos about say it all. After just 2 weeks on Show Stopper, Sierra got the kind of coat you dream about. Her energy is much higher and she is just healthier all around.”

"SMOKIE is not a show dog, but we love him. When he takes K9 Show Stopper his bald patch around the eyes clears up and he gets very, very shiny. People ask what we feed him to make him look so good. We say Show Stopper

"Mackly is a 9 year old German Shepherd that has been showing his age. He loves his tennis balls but he gets stiff and sore after chasing them. He started Young at Heart and one week later is playing like a 2 year old with no soreness the next morning! Thanks for bringing our boy back.”

“I am extremely satisfied with the service I have received from your company. Unfortunately, I think that this is the first time I have ever given such a compliment, but your company definitely deserves it.”

“I got K9 Show Stopper at a dog show raffle and was not expecting much different from other supplements. But after only a short while all my dogs have gotten better coats. Across the board, they all look better. This result is something I have never seen with a supplement. How can I order more? By the way, stools smaller!”

“My dog looks like you sprayed Pledge polish all over it. K9 Show Stopper made a huge and fast difference. I’ve seen this product grow hair on bald dogs! I mean mange bald. I have never seen hair growth like this. It’s not just growth, it looks like a mink fur it is so rich. They shine like nothing I have ever seen. It’s obvious they absorb it all. Thanks for a truly great product.”

"My dogs just love your products and I have mentioned to my friends and show them the result. The first thing they say is about their coat, conformation and high energy level. Thanks to you and your products I have five happy dogs."