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- By Izzy & Alexia

"John, I believe I chatted with you on Facebook messenger a couple of times, inquiring about some products for my service dog, Izzy. Now it has been several months since we have started the supplements for my service dog who is starting to show her age, as she had started to slow down immensely and was starting to not keep up with me, which is very crucial for her job. I also began to notice she was having a little bit more problems with a weak patella on her back leg. After reaching out to K9 Power and giving the supplement a try, I have nothing but good things to say about the company. I have seen a remarkable change in Izzy's ability to keep up with me, she is more alert on the job, she isn't missing my low and high blood sugars and my syncope episodes anymore, and most importantly she hardly ever has trouble with her back leg.

On a side note, she stays more hydrated and loves the taste. I have now been through about 2 containers of the super fuel and just finished her joint strong container. I just can't thank your company enough for giving me my service dog back! I thought that there was no hope and I was going to have to retire her at the age of 5 and just the thought of trying to get the money together for a new service dog seemed very daunting. Because of K9 Power my dog was able to cross the stage with me as I received my Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science this past May. Without the help of Izzy, I would not have been able to meet such a huge milestone within my life. I don't think there are enough words to state how much K9 Power has gotten my dog's health back on track and helped increase her everyday performance.

Again thank you so much for creating such a quality product! My life is dependent on my service dog and with the help of your products I am able to live my life to the fullest without worrying whether I will have a medical emergency out in public. I have attached a couple of pictures of her with the product and my graduation pictures with her. Feel free to use any of these items on your social media!"

- By Murray & Henry

"Our dogs LOVE K9 Power Carnivore Cookies, and we feel so good knowing that this treat is also healthy and safe for them. Through the use of high-quality and healthy ingredients, Henry and Murray are getting a nutritionally balanced snack that they totally enjoy! As a consumer and dog lover, it’s wonderful to know that you can trust and identify all of the ingredients going into your pet’s food or treats, and have the confidence that they were made right here in the USA" Whitney D.

- By CH Greta Master of the Night

CH Greta Master of the Night (Ana) Goes Best of Opposite Sex at Westminster!

Hi K9 Power,  "We have been using Show Stopper and Super Fuel to prepare Ana for Westminster. She took Best of Opposite Sex! She was top girl and is #1 in Breed statistics and the #6 Bullmastiff".

- By Valor & Teri

Love These Products!

We have used Show Stopper, Go Dog, Super Fuel and the Digest Forte for the past few years on our show and coursing dogs. My 2 time top 25 dog Valor just earned his Gold Grand Champion title at 8.5 years old and our youngest, Xena, just won Best of Breed/Best in Field at the RR National Specialty Lure Coursing.

- By Canine Extreme

Huge "shout out" to Raul and Colby Hernandez of Canine Extreme! They have been a part of our K9 Power family for quite some time now and Rocked the USCA Sieger Show this year. We checked in with Raul the week prior to the Sieger Show and he told us that Keule and Fight’s coats looked amazing and the overall conditioning of the dogs was excellent.

Canine Extreme dogs finished this prestigious national show with a very impressive VA1 Keule vom Holtkamper Hof and VA2 Fight vom Holtkamper Hof placings! Unbelievable!

These gorgeous German Shepherds are maintained on K9 Power Show Stopper, Super Fuel and Go Dog! Big Congrats!!

- By Kross Kreek Luke

Kross Kreek's Luke and his owner Jake are tearing up the Field Trial scene. Luke recently racked up first and second placements! Luke runs on K9 Power Super Fuel and Go Dog and a member of the K9 Power family.

- By Lexi & Jane

"Hello K9 Power, Lexi (Entelbucher Mountain Dog) came to us at about age 4. She was somewhat overweight, and we worked on that with good nutrition and a lower calorie diet. She had some intermittent lameness problems from day 1 and we were careful not to stress her joints too much. We tried to limit any hard play for her as it would make the lameness worse. A friend talked about good results with Joint Strong and I decided it was worth a try. We saw her become more comfortable, more mobile, and way fewer incidents of noticeable lameness and in a relatively short amount of time. She was happier and obviously in much less discomfort which was very important to me. When my veterinarian asked what we were giving her, I sent a snapshot of the ingredients in Joint Strong. She was highly impressed by the quantity and quality of ingredients and ratio’s and recommended we continue. And we did.

She remained on Joint Strong throughout her life. As she got older, I added Young at Heart for general health and nutrition benefits. She always had a wonderful shiny coat and lived mostly pain free throughout her senior years. Now that she has passed, our puppy Dembe, started immediately on Puppy Gold (what a coat she has!) and at 7 months is now also getting Joint Strong. I’m looking forward to many years of overall health and strong joints for this active Lab mix. THANK YOU K9 POWER!

P.S. Lance, our Australian Cattle dog lived until age 18! He also got Young at Heart. Something to be said for great supplements and good nutrition through out life!" Jane B.

- By Joy Ellison/Hollywood

"Hello K9 Power, I've been meaning to write for a while now. I honestly believe your product has kept my dog, now 18 from any joint difficulty. She was rescued from a village in Mexico while I was working on a film there. She' almost deaf, and eyesight not great, but she can still jump up on all the furniture with ease! Thanks everyone! Whatever you are doing, it works. (Now if you can bring back the eyes and ears...we'll probably have another 18 years!)". Joy Ellison, Hollywood

- By Luna & Mike

Awesome Products for Performance Dogs!

"I have been using K9 Power Products for a long time. They work!!! I have a wheaten terrier Luna who is 11 years old and still competes in agility, and also competed in flyball. The longevity of Luna’s career I credit to K9 Power. I use Joint Strong, Super Fuel, and Go Dog exclusively. Luna recently earned her 6th Champion agility title !!! Luna also holds a Flyball Master title. Luna is the top two Wheaten Terriers all -time in CPE Agility, and top ten Wheaten Terriers all time in NAFA Flyball. K9 Power Products boost performance and enhance recovery. I highly recommend any of your products." Mike & Luna

- By Duke

"Hi, my name's Duke. I'm only about two years old but I have really bad arthritis in both of my elbows. My Mom and Dad adopted me about two months ago, and when they learned about the arthritis, they ordered me some K9 Power Joint Strong.

I have been on it for about two weeks now and I like running and playing a LOT more!!" Thanks, K9 Power!!

- By Eros & Deb Zappia

Deb Zappia & Eros 2015 IPO World Champions!

Everyone loves to hear the inside scoop of the day to day secrets of a World Champion. In a recent interview Deb was asked “Few words about the Champions’ diet - what do you feed to Iron (Eros) to keep him in such a top notch condition through exhausting training cycles and trials?”

Deb: “I feed OMA’S Pride, a raw diet of meat, bones and vegetables. I rotate proteins, such as lamb, beef, chicken, turkey and fish. I also supplement with products supplied by K9 Power: Super Fuel and Go Dog to name a few".

- By TB

"We absolutely swear by Joint Strong and Young at Heart. Our 13 yr old whippet is a different dog. He plays again, wags his tail and his eyes are clearer. We also use the Digest Forte for our greyhound's sensitive stomach. It is perfect. Thank you so much".

- By Grand Champion Hernwood Magic Formula

"K9 Power Show Stopper is the best product I have used in my 40 years of dog showing. I recently showed my top female, American Grand Champion Hernwood Magic Formula, at the 2015 Crufts Dog Show in England.

After placing second in a beautiful class of 17 veterans, many people came up to me and commented on how gorgeous my female's coat looked.

I can't thank you enough for such a great product."

- By Marilynn S

"Hello K9 Power, Here is one of my Bearded Collies, “GCH Merryvale Seasoned Hunter” who has been raised on “K9 Power Show Stopper” ever since he was capable of digesting real food. Would not run out of this supplement! I use it on all 4 of my Bearded Collies and will continue to give to every dog I will ever own! It makes a huge difference in the density of coat, texture, color depth and overall richness in your dog’s coat and overall health! “Seeing is believing”!!!!!

They all love the taste as well! My dogs sit and watch me prepare their meals as they stare up at the counter where the “SHOW STOPPER” sits. They patiently await their bowl containing this product as I mix it all up!

Many thanks for making a terrific product!" Marilynn S

- By Teri K

"Very satisfied with my K9 Power Show Stopper purchases, two of my Golden's we're beginning to shed very badly. I was sitting with my five Golden's this evening noticing how beautiful my two Golden's looked who were shedding the worst, very pleased how quickly this product turned them around. Thank you." Teri. K

- By GCH Casmir's Man O War

"This is DJ (GCH Casmir's Man O War) our young male Clumber Spaniel who just turned 2 yrs old. He was started on Show Stopper at the age of 4 months and started showing at 6 months old. By the time he was 7 months old he was winning against mature males and even won a group 4. Both he and his sister Winnie (GCH Casmir's Winning Colors) are on K9 Power Show Stopper and have fabulous thick soft coats.

DJ and all his siblings were also on Immune dog at the age of 2 weeks old, none of them have ever had any digestive problems and can eat just about anything. I also had my other special male Axl (GCH Casmir's Guns N Red Roses) on Show Stopper for his 5 yr career in the show ring and had fabulous results. I Love these products and will continue to use them as well as recommend them to my puppy buyers and friends." Thank You K9 Power!

- By Jamara Australian Shepherds

Hi K9 Power! Here is "Maya" ASCA Ch. Jamara's Total Eclipse who is currently #6 in the ASCA standings, this ranking started May 31, 2015 thru May 31st 2016, I showed her in a total of 8 shows to get her Championship on her thru ASCA, our parent club, Sept. of 2015 and finished Championship Feb. 2016, she has taken several Best of Breeds which has put her in the top 30 rankings for ASCA.

I am her breeder and I also have her brother who is a multi-Champion. I have been feeding K9 Power Show Stopper to my dogs for 20 years, I have some of the nicest coats and my dogs are in top condition. I always recommend this product to all my friends and to people that acquire my puppies I recommend the K9 Power Puppy Gold. LP

- By Kay N.

"Hello K9 Power, we have been using K9 Power Show Stopper with my champion Borzoi dogs for the last 5-6 years. In my opinion, it increases the amount of time my dogs are in show condition by minimizing the turnaround time when they shed. In my dogs, I can see the new coat coming in as the old coat is going - my show dogs almost never look "out of coat". I believe it also improves the texture and appearance of the coat. My dogs literally shine! Thanks for producing this product".