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In the interest of complete transparency as to what improvements we’ve made we have provided a brief description of what has changed, the reason why, and changes to the products’ appearance that might be observed.  How do these changes affect the quality of the products you, our customers, have grown to trust? In each case, the information below provides evidence as to how we have materially improved the performance of our canine vitamins & supplements. Did we make changes to cut corners and increase profit? NO, in every product we upgraded, the changes actually increased both production and packaging costs.

Show Stopper,® is our flagship product. The following improvements were made to increase its performance and benefits for your dog.

• Changes in Appearance:
  Color is slightly darker; brown vs. tan
• Changes in Texture:  Powder is “fluffier”
• Taste, Look and Smell:  The updated Show Stopper,® formula is a significant improvement on the old formula. Right out of the box, the updated Show Stopper has a darker color and richer smell. The flavor profile is more robust, as well. The old Show Stopper had a cereal / bran flavor while the updated formula hits the palate with a much stronger chicken flavor. The result of these updates is not only increased health benefits, but also a significant improvement in palatability.

• Chicken is now our number one ingredient not chicken meal or chicken byproducts just real edible chicken made for humans.  Chicken is an easily digestible protein for dogs, rich in B Vitamins.

• We added coconut oil as a source of Medium Chain Triglycerides. Coconut oil can protect against coat damage and it conditions the skin. 

• In order to be in line with the guidelines from AAFCO and the NASC, we removed Creatine.

• We increased the amount of whole egg we used by over 5 times. The fatty acids in eggs offer numerous health benefits, including an improvement in skin and coat health. Eggs can reduce flaky, dry skin, as well as increase the shine in your dog’s coat.

• We reduced our Rice Bran to levels supported by research to provide the maximum benefit.

• We changed the overall formulation of our fats, while maintaining an optimized ratio in our product. We reduced the amount of chicken fat, beef fat, and safflower oil.  We increased olive oil, camelina oil, and added cod liver oil. This significantly increased the omega fatty acid content while improving the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. These changes can help with reducing inflammation and improving overall skin and hair health.

• We increased our plant based antioxidant levels dramatically (approximately 5- 10X) through the addition of ingredients like powdered carrot, blueberry, tart cherry, beet juice, & broccoli sprouts. Antioxidants can help in reducing seasonal allergies, support a normal inflammatory response, and improve overall skin condition.

• We added Icelandic Kelp. Dogs with skin irritation problems as a result of allergies, dogs with dry skin, or dogs that are suffering from alopecia (hair loss) can benefit from kelp. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and the protein is easily digestible, so your dog will absorption key amino acids.

• We added prebiotics: fiber that supports key intestinal bacteria.

• We increased probiotics and digestive enzyme levels. We are using the same ingredients, just a more effective level.

• We reduced Salt and Potassium levels.

• We added Vitamin E. Minor Vitamin E deficiency is associated with conditions that cause dry, itchy, and flaky skin. One such condition caused by Vitamin E deficiency is canine atopic dermatitis, a severe allergic skin reaction caused by contact with an irritant.

• We added lutein. Lutein has been shown to improve skin hydration, elasticity and lipid content.

• Finally, we replaced Silicon Dioxide with Rice Concentrate as a flowing agent to reduce clumping.  Rice concentrate is made from rice hulls and provides a new all-natural solution for this function.

Joint Strong,® is one of the most effective canine supplements for joint health on the market. We built upon the base we established by adding several improvements to offer your dog an even better solution when it comes to their joint health.

• Changes in Appearance:  Color is bright yellow vs. tan
• Changes in Texture:  Powder is “smoother”
• Taste, Look and Smell:  Right out of the box, Joint Strong’s updates are easy to see. But, even with the bright yellow color, not much has changed. The updated Joint Strong,® still smells similar to the previous product, with a slightly earthy aroma. The real change is the taste, which is a significant improvement. The higher rice bran content of the old formula led to a flavor comparable to the most boring bowl of cereal you could find. By decreasing the rice bran content while increasing chicken and agave nectar in the formula, there is a sweeter and more savory flavor profile. This allows for a much better palatability for your dog. The change in flavor means dog won’t be leaving any behind when you feed them.

• We increased the level of MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). MSM is a natural analgesic that blocks the transfer of pain impulses through the nerve fibers. MSM also blocks the inflammation process by enhancing the activity of cortisol, a natural anti-inflammatory hormone produced by the body.

• We increased the level of Agave Nectar to improve taste. Agave serves as a prebiotic.

• We added Milk Protein Isolate to help reduce the body's inflammatory response.

• We increased CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate) levels. CMO can help to maintain joint flexibility by lubricating joints and softening tissue. Some studies show that CMO can also help to improve range of motion.

• We increased Curcumin levels (Bright Yellow Color). Curcumin comes from Turmeric. It is a strong antioxidant and has demonstrated potent anti-inflammatory effects in some studies.

• We added Cod Liver Oil and increased Camelina oil concentrations. Both are good sources of EPA and DHA (Omega Fatty Acids). These elements have been shown to reduce inflammation due to conditions such as arthritis, allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease.

• We increased our plant based antioxidant levels by adding ingredients like powdered tart cherry, pomegranate, and Vitaberry mix. Antioxidants can help in reducing seasonal allergies, as well as supporting a normal inflammatory response.

• We added Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), which is necessary for collagen, the main structural protein found in connective tissue. A healthy dose of vitamin C will protect your dog’s body from infection and maintain healthy bones.

• We added Icelandic Sea Kelp. Icelandic Sea Kelp contains fucoidan, a complex carbohydrate that is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

• We reduced Salt and Potassium levels.

• Finally, we replaced Silicon Dioxide with Rice Concentrate as a flowing agent to reduce clumping.  Rice concentrate is made from rice hulls and provides a new all-natural solution for this function.

Go Dog,® Designed for any active or performance based working and agility dogs, K9 Power’s Go Dog has positioned itself as the premier hydration drink for dogs. We’re extending our market to include everyday dogs that need proper hydration while undergoing stress or exercise.

• Changes in Appearance:  Color is a richer, more yellow vs. off white
• Changes in Texture:  Powder is similar in composition and texture
• Taste, Look and Smell:  The updated Go Dog,® formula is much smoother in texture than the old formula. While the colors are both off-white, the new formula has a slightly yellower tint. The flavor of the new formula is less sweet than the old, but much more savory.

• We created a balanced formula of electrolyte and calcium replacement elements based on canine requirements. Magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium levels are optimized for proper absorption during and after exercise.

• We adjusted our lipid ratios by adding medium chain triglycerides (coconut oil). During and after hard training, it will help store glycogen better (insulin sensitivity) and serve as an energy source to discourage muscle wasting and fatigue.

• We upped the flavor quotient with more real chicken and beef flavor.

• We added Quercetin. When stress levels are high and ongoing, cortisol can damage muscle tissue, leading to protein breakdown in the body. Quercetin can fight these effects during times of extended stress as it suppresses the enzyme necessary for cortisol release.

• We updated key amino acid contributions adding L-Threonine, to help maintain the proper protein balance in the body, and L-Tryptophan, to improve athletic performance.

• Finally, we replaced Silicon Dioxide with Rice Concentrate as a flowing agent to reduce clumping.  Rice concentrate is made from rice hulls and provides a new all-natural solution for this function.

Digest Forte,™ Often times a dogs “output” is the first sign of health issues. A dog’s digestive tract contains up to 90% of the total cells in their body. It is critical that this process runs optimally to make sure your companion is processing food and absorbing nutrients correctly. Based on a scientifically optimized formula of Pre and Probiotics, Digest Forte,™ builds on our strong base providing a new balanced fiber formula and digestive support elements.

• Changes in Appearance:  Color is a richer light brown vs. sand
• Changes in Texture:  Powder is “softer, moister”
• Taste, Look and Smell:  The look and feel of the updated Digest Forte formula has significantly improved. The old formula was duller, dryer and grittier, similar to sand in both texture and color. The updated formula is dark and soft. Also, the taste of the new product features much more flavor. The new Digest Forte is sweeter with a hint of savory; a flavor combination we know dogs will go crazy for.

• We increased our concentration of Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes.

• We created an optimized balance of digestible and indigestible fibers (prebiotics) by reducing the rice bran content and adding Psyllium fiber, kelp, and yucca to our mix. 

• We added Yucca, as mentioned above. Yucca is thought to stimulate circulation, improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. In addition, anecdotal studies have shown Yucca can be effective in reducing stool odor when used for 6-8 weeks in some dogs

• We added real chicken as the first ingredient. Chicken improves flavor. It is also a source of Collagen, Gelatin, Glycine, and, Proline which contribute to good intestinal health. 

• We added Agave Nectar to improve taste and act as a strong prebiotic.

• We added Mannanoligosaccharides, also known as “yeast cell wall extract.” MOS has been shown to improve gastrointestinal health as well as overall health, thus improving well-being, energy levels and performance for your dog.

• We added Ginger, Basil and Kelp. All three new ingredients aid in digestion and help support normal gastrointestinal functions. 

• Finally, we replaced Silicon Dioxide with Rice Concentrate as a flowing agent to reduce clumping.  Rice concentrate is made from rice hulls and provides a new all-natural solution for this function.

Carnivore Cookies,®  At K9-Power, in keeping with the spirit of what’s best for your dog, we upgraded the recipe for Carnivore Cookies, a longtime favorite of pet owners.  You give your dog a treat as a reward and a sign of the love you feel for them. We took this to heart and set out to making Carnivore Cookies,® even better.  We have upped the flavor with more real chicken, tomato, honey and blueberry.  Like humans, a dog relies on smell to enjoy flavor.  We added natural hickory smoke flavor to our cookies to give them that fresh from the Barbecue aroma.

• More Real Chicken - We doubled the amount of real chicken in our recipe giving them a great source of protein. Chicken is an easily digestible protein for dogs, rich in B Vitamins.

• More Real Egg - We tripled the amount of egg in our recipe. Eggs a good source of protein, vitamin A, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B12, iron, selenium, biotin, and fatty acids.

• Carrots - packed with vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B1 and B6. Carrots aren't just good for the eyes but for general well-being including a strengthened immune system. They'll also help your dog maintain strong and healthy teeth.

• Real Blueberry Powder - an excellent source of antioxidants, selenium, zinc and iron. High in vitamins C, E, A and B complex.

• Tomato - Tomatoes contain many healthy substances, such as Lycopene; an important antioxidant which is known to work against cancer, oxidative stress and other diseases.

• Honey - healthy for them especially when it comes to digestion, allergies and for boosting low energy levels.

• Coconut Oil - Coconut oil can have many health benefits for dogs -- for their skin, digestive, and immune systems; metabolic function; and even their bone and brain health.

• Chicken Fat - Chicken fat is a quality source of essential fatty acids and an excellent source of energy.  Fat has a positive effect on the immune system and plays a beneficial role in stress response.

• Agave Nectar - Acts as a prebiotic replaces Fructose in recipe as a sweetener.

• Natural Hickory Smoke Extract - Adds aroma to the treat increasing palatability.