by Robbi Hess April 21, 2022 3 min read

Spring has sprung and that means that many pet parents will be taking longer walks with their dogs. That is a great thing, but if you and your dog are going from couch potato to active lifestyle, you may need to ease into it.

From our Florida home and K9 Power headquarters, we don’t need to hibernate like many people in other parts of the country. We are fortunate in that aspect, but what we deal with is heat and humidity and that needs to be taken into consideration when we are outdoors working out or walking our dogs.

5 tips for a more active dog

If you aren’t certain whether your dog is healthy enough for a more active lifestyle than he’s been leading, it makes sense to call your veterinarian and ask about your dog’s health. Your vet may have insight and strategies to help your dog enjoy long walks without risk of injury.

When you’re ready to head out for a fun time with your dog, here are some activities to consider.

Just take a walk. Yes, that’s it. For this activity all you need is a harness and a leash and some water for you and your pup. Don’t forget to bring along a collapsible water bowl to make it easier for your dog. Don’t wait until she is panting to offer water. Give water frequently.

Carry a few Go Dog treats with you because these help keep your dog’s electrolytes high and your dog hydrated. Start slowly. Build to longer walks. Take walks around your neighborhood then work your way up to hikes in the woods. When you and your dog are out on a walk, give her some time to stop and sniff. Dogs live their lives through their noses and being exposed to different scents is a wonderful treat.

Go swimming. If you live by water and if your dog is comfortable around the water then go swimming! You may want to consider putting a life vest on your dog – no matter how good of a swimmer he is. If your dog doesn’t want to swim, then let him run along the water’s edge and enjoy the time with you.

Try some scent games. Let your dog sniff the treats you will be hiding, hide them and let her sniff around until she finds them all. This is a great way to help your dog with her prey instincts and every time she finds what you’ve hidden, she gets a treat. This will also get her running around and off the couch!

Be considerate, don’t approach any dog you see when you’re out. Your dog is content because he’s with you, he doesn’t need to, or shouldn’t be interacting with any other dog you encounter.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Make sure you check your dog for ticks once you come back in the house. You don’t need to be in the woods to have ticks be a concern as they can be lurking in the grass right in your backyard. Also don’t forget to bring water and give your dog drinks often.

K9 Power has become a leader in the dog supplement market. It’s a place we’re honored to be. We’re here to help your dog live a healthier, fuller life--absolute bottom line. We know how much a dog adds to your family, and we’re simply trying to give back to each and every dog we can.

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