Best in Show Winner 2024

" We were introduced to K9 Power Show Stopper recently by our handler, Net Theerawat Arachunaka, we have been using K9 Power Puppy Gold on both of our puppies since then. In November 2023, the team decided to campaign Pippen, our Golden Retriever, for the year 2024, so we really wanted to put a healthy coat on him for the up-and-coming Sporting Group Specialty Show in January 2024. We started K9 Power Show Stopper regimen in late November and by January Pippen was glowing with his top coat and undercoat that even surprised our competitors. We were very satisfied with the coat condition and went to the show with much confidence, and yes, we won Best In Show Specialty in January, followed by Best In Show Local Bred in February consecutively. Thanks to K9 Power for being a part of Pippen's journey! "

The results speak for themselves!

Since starting my two rough collies on Show Stopper, I’ve noticed a significant change in their coats and their appetites. My female blew all her coat 2 days before a specialty show we had and looked terrible. Another collie friend recommended to try them on Show Stopper. Even with the hot, miserable summer we had in Indiana, Show Stopper still helped my dogs get back into coat. By the next show we attended in September, there was already a significant change in the thickness and length of their coat. Their coats were much healthier and shiny as well. They’re both picky, but they lick their bowls clean! The results speak for themselves!!

Heading for Grand Champion!

Val just turned two in October. At show in February, my handler told me he needed more conditioning in his coat. I was going to add salmon oil to food until I met a breeder that told me to try K9 Power Show Stopper. He showed beautiful in a show in June. Then in August he won a five point major and has been on a roll since. - Gary

Beau's Story

The Lucky Puppy Rescue

Meet Beau, another rescue dog who was fortunate enough to end up at the Lucky Puppy Rescue (LPR) in Florida.  Beau had an extremely rough go of it, but Momma T (Teri) and her awesome staff gave him lots of love and care including K9 Power products to help him aid in his recovery. Beau was quite sickly and covered in mange, and clearly not a happy pup. LPR put him on daily regimen of Show Stopper, and you can see the incredible results for yourself. Beau is now a happy, healthy, handsome young lad and this helped tremendously in getting him adopted out to the perfect family.

The LPR is a wonderful facility managed by a great staff that tirelessly brings cases like Beau’s to a successful ending. LPR uses K9 Power nutritional supplements daily to help with the continuous stream of sickly dogs they receive daily, because they know firsthand how tremendous the results will be using these products. They regularly use Puppy Gold for pregnant females as well as puppy meals to give them a fighting chance and boost their development. They also regularly use products like Show Stopper and Joint Strong. And of course, don’t forget the senior dogs who are normally the least likely to be adopted, send them some Young at Heart so they may look and feel their best when clients come to visit the rescue. K9 Power has and will continue to donate and support LPR in every effort they can, and we hope you will too.

Thank you for considering donating to this awesome rescue and follow them on FB. K9 Power has set up a bank for LPR donations to make it easy for supporters to contribute towards meeting their need for our products.

Click on the link below to be taken to the Lucky Puppy Donation screen on the K9 Power website. You will be able to select a virtual “gift card” and pay for it at check out. The amount you choose, along with the amounts chosen by other donors, will be added to a Lucky Puppy account with K9 Power.

Please Consider a Donation

Izzy's Story

John, I believe I chatted with you, inquiring about some products for my service dog, Izzy. Now it has been several months since we have started the supplements for my service dog who is starting to show her age, as she had started to slow down immensely and was starting to not keep up with me, which is very crucial for her job. I also noticed she was having a little bit more problems with a weak patella on her back leg. After reaching out to K9 Power and giving the supplement try, I have nothing but good things to say about the company. I have seen a remarkable change in Izzy's ability to keep up with me, she is more alert on the job, she isn't missing my low and high blood sugars and my syncope episodes anymore, and most importantly she hardly ever has trouble with her back leg.

On a side note, she stays more hydrated and loves the taste. I have now been through about 2 containers of the Super Fuel and just finished her Joint Strong container. I just can't thank your company enough for giving me my service dog back! I thought that there was no hope, and I was going to have to retire her at the age of 5 and just the thought of trying to get the money together for a new service dog seemed very daunting. Because of K9 Power my dog was able to cross the stage with me as I received my Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science this past May. Without the help of Izzy, I would not have been able to meet such a huge milestone within my life. I don't think there are enough words to state how much K9 Power has gotten my dog's health back on track and helped increase her everyday performance.

Again, thank you so much for creating such a quality product! My life is dependent on my service dog and with the help of your products I can live my life to the fullest without worrying whether I will have a medical emergency out in public. I have attached a couple of pictures of her with the product and my graduation pictures with her.


"Thank you for your great product, Joint Strong. My 6-1/2 year old Lab had her right knee surgery 3 weeks ago and she is doing great! I started her using Joint Strong over a year ago, just in time for her left knee surgery and her recovery has been remarkable. Using Joint Strong has been a key element for her great come-back. Can't wait to get back on a beach." -TR

"I just want to say what WONDERFUL products Show Stopper and Puppy Gold are!!! This is my 3rd order from K9 Power, and I am pleased beyond words. I raise and show Rat Terriers, and I have refrained from offering a review until I felt enough time had passed to really observe the results. These products have EXCEEDED my expectations!  I'm not just talking about maintaining decent coat condition. . .I'm talking about SLICK, GLEAMING coats that are noticeably thicker and that shed far less than ever before (on puppies, too, which is even more unusual than on adult dogs). I'm talking about dams that have more stamina and milk and actually do not blow their coats after raising a litter. Thank you for these outstanding products. I'm finished searching for supplements. . .I have found the absolute answer with K9 Power."

"Show Stopper - Best supplement ever. We rescued our dog, and he was 20 pounds under weight with a dull coat when we brought him home. We added this supplement to his food, and he loved it! It immediately helped bring a wonderful shine to his coat, helped improve his appetite, and his whole body just flourished. We stopped using this briefly once he had filled out, but then he got itchy winter skin, and we put him right back on...the itch all disappeared. We consider this as crucial as his food.

"K9 Super Fuel is an excellent product. I had used it in the past to build muscle on my show dog. This time it was recommended to me by a canine nutritional specialist to help save the life if Joanie, my emaciated foster dog, whom we rescued at the weight of 35 pounds and whose ideal weight is 80 pounds. She is now packing on the weight and adding muscle quickly. The Super Fuel is a big help and the dogs think it's yummy!"

Canine Extreme

Colby and Raul of Canine Extreme have been part of the K9 Power family for many years. They rocked the USCA Sieger Show with two of the top highest placings. Canine Extreme dogs finished this prestigious national show with a very impressive VA1 Keule vom Holtkamper Hof and VA2 Fight vom Holtkamper Hof placings! Unbelievable!

"Beat Me If You Can!"

I’ve used K9 Power products for over 10 years. It gives them that extra supplemental support my competitive racing whippets need to perform at their highest level. It is my “go-to” product line. Using K9 Power products, I’ve had many top 5 and top 10 National placements, including 3 National Championships in the last 7 years. Proud to say they are fueled by K9 Power. Beat me if you can!

Lexi's Story

Hello K9 Power, Lexi our Entelbucher Mountain Dog came to us at about age 4. She had some intermittent lameness problems from day 1 and we were careful not to stress her joints too much. We tried to limit any hard play for her as it would make the lameness worse. A friend talked about good results with Joint Strong and I decided it was worth a try. We saw her become more comfortable, more mobile, and way fewer incidents of noticeable lameness and in a relatively short amount of time. She was happier and obviously in much less discomfort which was very important to me. When my veterinarian asked what we were giving her, I sent a snapshot of the ingredients in Joint Strong. She was highly impressed by the quantity and quality of ingredients and ratio’s. Lance, our Australian Cattle dog lived until age 18! He also got Young at Heart. Something to be said for great supplements and good nutrition throughout life! Jane B.

Awesome Products for Performance Dogs!

I have been using K9 Power Products for a long time. They work!!! I have a wheaten terrier Luna who is 11 years old and still competes in agility, and also competed in flyball. The longevity of Luna’s career I credit to K9 Power. I use Joint Strong, Super Fuel, and Go Dog exclusively. Luna recently earned her 6th Champion agility title !!! Luna also holds a Flyball Master title. Luna is the top two Wheaten Terriers all -time in CPE Agility, and top ten Wheaten Terriers all time in NAFA Flyball. K9 Power Products boost performance and enhance recovery. I highly recommend any of your products. Mike & Luna

"Puppy Gold does a fantastic job on momma and puppies. Higher weaning weights and puppies are stocky and so healthy looking on it. It's great for the lactating mom with increased milk production and she rebounds faster after her pregnancy. I'll use it on every litter from now on."

"I wanted to write to you and thank you for your wonderful product, Show Stopper. My Australian Shepherd Bitch had a litter of 9 puppies back in December, and after 3½ months I was worried that her coat was not coming back. She is an Agility dog as well as a breed champion, and I had decided to send her back out into the Specials ring for 2008. I put her on Show Stopper on the advise of a breeder/handler friend, and I could actually see results in just 1 week of use! She started back in the ring a few weeks later, and has been doing very well. Then just this week, she not only won the breed at Westminster, she took the Herding Group!! Everyone has commented on how nice her coat looks and can't believe she had puppies just a few months ago. What a great product you have! Again, Thank you! Best Regards, Terri & Deuce (AKA BISS MBIS AKC/ASCA CH Vinelake Collinswood Yablon OA OAJ)"

"I have not personally tried this product but have ordered it for years for the Federal Protective Service Explosive Detection K9s. The K9 Inspectors recommend using Joint Strong because the K9s have to do daily sweeps of the buildings, parking lots etc. and the K9s have to climb in and out of the vehicles."

"I use Super Fuel for keeping my dogs ready for work. It gives them energy and helps keep their muscles in shape. My 2 - 13-year-old dogs receive it. It gives my 13-year-old the energy to get up and move around as opposed to sleeping and not moving as much. I can tell the difference it makes. Recommend this product if you have working dogs."

"I put him on your Young at Heart and the Joint Strong and oh my goodness, what a change! He has done a complete turnaround. He is extremely active, with no joint problems at all. Everyone that has seen him lately cannot believe the change in him from when he was dragging so badly only months ago. His coat is also very shiny, which is nice since he is a black dog. Thank you very much for such superior products. You have a lifetime customer."

"I fostered a dog who came to me with mange and skin allergies -- he left less than a month later for his new home looking ten years younger, healthy and like he'd been well cared for his entire life. I feed it to both of my dogs now and can say, with complete confidence, that this product is worth every penny. Everyone asks what I feed my dogs and I'm not afraid to tell them: Show Stopper makes the difference."-Belunn

"I began using K9 Power Show Stopper for my show terrier at the recommendation of my mentor. Her dogs look great, so I was happy to add it as a supplement. A few months after starting my show dog on the product, I saw a pathetic looking Pitbull on the euthanasia list at the shelter, and I knew I had to adopt him. He was patchy, skinny, and had a very dull coat. I started the Show Stopper right away. Within four weeks, Heff’s coat started to come in! Within several months it has completely grown back, it’s shiny, and just amazing! He is not itching, or showing signs of his coat regressing. I am so happy that I have this product!

If you have a dog that might benefit, I would say that you should try this product- the results speak for themselves"

--Hailey E