Lets Dive In:

Adding a supplement to your dog’s diet is a simple and proven beneficial addition, when served correctly and consistently. We will help walk you through this easy process. Tens of thousands of dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds have used our supplements for 25+ years with great success. We are always available to answer your questions and assist you in getting the optimal benefits for your companion. Email us at support@k9power.com

Week 1: The First Step

Start slow

Introduce the new supplement gradually to your dog's diet, especially if they are trying it for the first time.  You know your dog best. Some dogs accept diet changes quickly, others need more time for their digestive system, as well as other body systems to accept the added nutrition.  If your dog is sensitive to diet change, or even if not, reduce the recommended amount to start and take more time to reach the full recommended dose.

We recommend starting slow and working up to the full amount. Start with quarter to half the recommended amount and build up to full amount over a period of 7-10 days. Dogs with sensitive digestion should be given additional time to adjust.

Original formula users:  If you are transitioning from our original formula to the NextGen formula, we recommend you start slowly as if you were adding a new supplement.  The new formulas are much more concentrated.  If your dog is sensitive to diet change, or not,  you may consider a one week break in between starting the NextGen formula.

Review new directions:  Please review the directions and new dose amounts as they have changed.

Skeptical dog or a picky eater

While most dogs instantly love our supplements, introducing an array of new flavors, smells, and textures to your dog’s diet may initially make your dog skeptical. We recommend adding a small amount of water to create a delicious meat gravy to pour over the dog’s food, this method seems to be highly favorable.

Week 3: The Check-In

Our Supplements are hard at work!

Your dog’s new journey to health and wellness should be progressing well now. The powerful blends in each of our carefully crafted formulas have been hard at work to produce healthy results. It’s important to understand that depending on the formula, some changes may not be necessarily noticeable to the eye, but you can be certain a healthy change is happening!

Healthy Change is Happening!

Because our formulas target various systems, you may see changes at different rates. For example, Show Stopper, our skin, and coat supplement, may show noticeable results very quickly, leading to a lustrous, shiny coat and supple clear skin, prompting less scratching and licking. Our Joint Strong on the other hand will show a decrease in overall discomfort and a real improvement in movement and mobility, but this may take more time to see results as it works to reduce inflammation in joints. Of course, this is also dependent on the dogs age and overall condition. Again, rest assured change is happening, and you will see results and a happier and often more energetic dog.

Week 6: Consistency Is Key

The path to great health

Like with any positive life change, lasting results only come with consistency.

Keep on with the journey!

Dogs love routine. Create a schedule and stick with it. Make sure your dog continues to show healthy results by continuing his K9 Power supplement routine.