Week 1: Important Reminders

Start slow.
Your dog’s system (and nose!) is getting used to all the new nutrition introduced to mealtime. Start with half the recommended amount to allow for a skeptical nose and sensitive stomach to adjust slowly over time.

Skeptical dog or a picky eater?
While most dogs instantly love K9 Power, introducing an array of new flavors, smells, and textures to your dog’s diet might make your dog skeptical. Here’s a few ways to help them get used to their upgraded diet.

How to help:
• Add warm water to create a sauce or gravy to help with the powdery texture
• Add it to a small piece of cheese or spoon of peanut butter to familiarize them with all the new benefits of their diet

Week 2: The Check-In

Keep going.
Change is close! You’re only one-two weeks away from beginning to see a noticeable change in your dog.

Our nutrition works from the inside out.
Right now, your dog’s insides are filled with loads of new healthy nutrition! As their system continues to absorb all that yummy health, it’ll take a few more weeks for this goodness to shine through. Our tip, keep the good going. You’re so close to seeing the results you’ll both love.

Week 4: Results Start

Reinforce good habits.
By now, results should start to appear. Now is the most important time to continue your dog’s health journey. Reinforce his emerging health changes with every scoop delivered at mealtime.

K9 Power is working from the inside out.
The powerful nutrition within each one of our carefully crafted products have had enough time to produce healthy results in your dog. Each blend goes beyond the basic nutritional requirements, so your dog gets the absolute best to promote total health and well-being.

Week 6: Consistency Is Key

The path to a lifetime of good health.
Like with any positive life change, lasting results only come with consistency.

Keep on with the journey!
Make sure your dog continues to show healthy results by continuing his K9 Power supplement routine.

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