by K9 Power Team June 14, 2021 3 min read

June is all about celebrating dads, that is. To honor those fabulous fur-fathers, we picked a few of our favorite dog dad moments from Instagram that are too cool not to share. 🐶

If you want to show off the cool #dogdad in your life, tag  @k9_power in your pics for a chance to be featured! Whether you’re spending the day enjoying the outdoors or kicking back on the couch, we wish a very happy Dog-Father's Day to all of you!


1) Double Dog Dads @tikatheiggy 

Tika the Italian Greyhound might have over a million followers and an enviable wardrobe, but what truly makes her a lucky dog is the love of not one, but two great dog dads. 


2) He rates dogs...and writes them, too! @officialdogfather

Matt Nelson, aka the Official Dog Father, gained internet fame for one of the most popular dog feeds,  @weratedogs, as well as the hilariously relatable Twitter feed  @dog_feelings. Even with millions of followers all over the globe, we’re pretty sure his biggest fan is this big guy,  Doug.


3) A friendly vet? You bet. @thefriendlyvet

 As a small animal veterinarian, Dr. Marcus spends his days helping all kinds of cats and dogs at work and through his Instagram feed full of helpful tips for pet owners. But to one lucky lab in particular, Dr. Marcus is also Dr. Dad. 


4) Doberman Dad @veryvincenty

 When you follow this dog dad, be prepared for fabulous photos of Jim’s two stunning purebred Dobermans. These beautiful dogs will have you scrolling and scrolling!


5) Patron of the arts...and the pups @christoferpdx

 When Digital Media Director Christopher isn’t promoting performing arts in Portland, he’s showing off his adorable pooch Sir Riley (don’t forget the Sir!) on Instagram. We’re sure you’ll want to be best friends...especially if they bring donuts. 😉


6) Loki the Wolfdog and his dad, Kelly @loki

 We challenge you to find a more breathtaking dog feed than the images of Kelly’s captivating companion, Loki. With beautiful scenery and soulful captions, if you aren’t following Loki already, we know you will be now!


7) One of the internet’s most beloved dog dads @juliensolomita 

A list of our favorite dog dads wouldn’t be complete without Julien Solomita, content creator and fiancé to retired internet comedy queen Jenna Marbles. Tune in to  Julien’s YouTube channel for adorable footage of their dogs Bunny the Greyhound, Peach & Kermit the Italian Greyhounds, and, of course, Marbles the Chihuahua.  Bunny’s first time seeing snow is particularly sweet.


Gift the dog dad in your life 

For the dog dad who already has the perfect dog, gift a subscription to his favorite canine supplements. He'll love it because for his beloved best friend, it's customizable, and oh-so-practical, just like a dad would want.


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