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Can My Dog Eat Blueberries?

We usually don’t think of wolves as the type to forage for blueberries. So why should your dog be eating them?

Blueberries have a clearly defined place as being a top superfood for us humans. They are filled with antioxidants, which are vital components that play a key role in combating cancer-causing free radicals in our body. They’re also a great source of potassium and vitamin C, making them a top choice for nutritionists, and all-together a powerful reason why you should be adding them to your own diet.

But is the same true for your dog?

There are two questions we must ask to determine if blueberries really are good for your dog:

  1. Are they even digestible?
  2. If so, what nutritional benefit do they deliver?

Digestibility: Can your dog digest blueberries?

Yes, blueberries are safe on your dog’s digestive tract. Additionally, they provide a great source of fiber to help with better digestion. They’re small and easy to swallow, which makes them great for both small and large dogs. However, when frozen, you should be wary of them becoming a choking hazard for toy-sized dogs.

Some choose to use blueberries as a small reward for their dogs. If you’re one of these people, remember that because they are high in fiber, too many can cause stomach aches and gas.

Nutrition: What nutrients do blueberries provide for your dog?

Blueberries are naturally low in calories (and relatively low in sugar), which make them a good snack or reward to weave into your training schedules. They won’t cause weight gain or obesity.

Just like for humans, blueberries are a great source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. Together, these nutrients help boost the immune system, joint and arthritis pain, and cancer. They can also be good for the heart too, and may even help prevent cardiovascular disease.

What’s even better? Some studies show that antioxidants in a dog’s diet can reduce the effects of brain aging, which is great if you have a senior dog.

A Word of Caution

Not all “blueberries” are equal. In fact, some blueberry flavors don’t contain blueberries at all.

Food products using artificial blueberry flavors are not the same as those using real blueberries. Most often, added sugar is used, which can make dogs sick and also lead to weight gain. Additionally, chemicals, preservatives, or other substances that are harmful to dogs might be lurking in the artificial blueberry flavor. It’s always important to check the back label for “blueberries” or “whole blueberries.”

The Bottom Line

Yes, blueberries are good for your dog. We stand behind this superfood so fully that we include blueberries in many of our most popular products.

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And of course, you can find other berries, like acai berries, strawberries, and cherries in our family of healthy dog supplements.


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