by Robbi Hess June 01, 2022 3 min read

As pet parents, we have likely experienced the loss of one of our beloved pups. The best thing we can do for our dogs is give them a healthy start to life and to keep them healthy for a lifetime. There are many ways to do that and we are going to share some of our favorite “healthy for a lifetime” tips.

Many of these are common sense dog health tips, but it is never bad to have a reminder or a refresher!

Keep your dog healthy for a lifetime

Feed them well. Ask your veterinarian how much to feed your dog and what foods he or she recommends. Also talk to friends and family members who have lots of experience with dogs, most people love to share all their dog knowledge when asked. Some pet parents choose a raw diet while others feed kibble or canned foods. You need to choose what is best for you and your lifestyle as well as what is healthiest for your dog.

Get moving! Just as activity is good for our bodies and our health, so too is it necessary for your dog. The bonus is, when your dog is being active, chances are you are benefiting as well. Know how much activity your dog can handle and cater your time to his physical level. If you’re just starting out, start out slow – with a short walk, for example, then build up to longer walks.

Visit the vet. Take your dog to the veterinarian as recommended.  This will ensure your dog has the vaccinations he needs, and it also gives your vet and you a baseline for your dog’s health and any changes monitored. Ask your vet when your dog is considered a senior (it varies by breed) and take steps to keep her healthy for a lifetime with a senior support supplement that keeps them healthy and helps their bodies function at its peak.

Exercise their brain. Mental activities are as important as physical for your dog’s well-being for a lifetime. Offer your dog food puzzles. Hide food and treats around the house and send him on a scavenger hunt. You can buy food puzzles or you can scatter food and treats around your yard and let your dog go on a treasure hunt. Look for toys that encourage active play to keep their brains active.

Keep them safe. Use a leash when you take your dog for a walk. Make sure they wear a collar with an identification tag with your contact information on it. Get them microchipped. A fenced in yard is also a great way to keep your dog safe.

Show them love and affection. Our dogs offer us unconditional love and in return they want us to show them love. Feed them well. Snuggle with them. Teach them as much as you can, this is a great bonding exercise and will better your relationship for years to come

K9 Power has become a leader in the dog supplement market. It is a place we are honored to be. We are here to help your dog live a healthier, fuller life--absolute bottom line. We know how much a dog adds to your family, and we are simply trying to give back to each and every dog we can.

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