by Robbi Hess April 09, 2022 3 min read

April is a month set aside for pet first aid awareness. If you’re like many pet parents, you may not have given much thought to pet first aid awareness and you may not even have a pet first aid kit. We hope that by the time you’re done reading this you will put together a first aid kit and perhaps look for pet first aid classes in your area.

Having a first aid kit in your house for the humans, is something that can probably be found in most every medicine cabinet or in your vehicle, right? That’s great! And a benefit to a human first aid kit is that many of the same items can be used for your pets in case of emergency.

Here are a few ways you can protect your pets:

Put together pet-first aid and emergency kit. The kit should include:

  1. Vet and shot records for all of your pets.
  2. Your veterinarian’s contact information, the emergency vet office contact, Animal Poison Control center (888-426-4435)
  3. Emergency contacts that include you and your family’s phone numbers as well as other emergency contact phone numbers in case you’re unavailable.
  4. Get a case to hold all the first aid equipment that includes: activated charcoal that will absorb any poison your pet may have ingested (don’t use without consulting with your veterinarian), non-stick bandages, gauze, adhesive tape for gauze or self-adhesive gauze, digital thermometer, antiseptic wipes, splints in case you need to immobilize your pet.
  5. Pack a blanket or towel that you can use as a stretcher if needed.
  6. Keep a pet first aid kit at home and take it with you when you travel or have a separate one for road trips or outdoor activities. We suggest not leaving first aid supplies in a hot car.

Remember that even the gentlest of pets could bite out of fear and pain; keep your face away from your dog’s mouth. You can offer comfort but do it safely.

If possible, gently touch your pet to see if you can determine where the injury is. If your dog gets aggressive or yipes in pain, stop. If your pet is bleeding, use the gauze to staunch the flow of blood. Don’t apply a tourniquet unless you’re trained in how to use one because it could cause more harm than good.

As you’re stabilizing your pet make sure someone is calling the veterinarian and clearly and concisely telling the vet what is going on and what measures have been taken. If your dog has ingested something, let your vet know what it is, when it was ingested and how much was ingested – if you know.

Be prepared by taking a pet CPR class, they are taught my many American Red Cross organizations, or ask your vet for a recommendation for a class. You will want to practice CPR before it’s needed because when you’re in the midst of an emergency, you’ll be better prepared.  

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