by Robbi Hess April 15, 2022 3 min read

Summer vacation is just around the corner. The question many pet parents ask is, “what will we do with our fur babies?” We’d shared our tips on how to hire the best pet sitter in a recent article. If, however, you want to travel with your dog, pet-friendly and pet-welcoming spots are more prevalent than ever before.

Hotels, restaurants and Airbnb-type accommodations understand that dogs are part of the family, and they are opening their doors to pet parents. Be sure, though if you travel with your dog that you are a responsible guest. Clean up after your dog and don’t allow him to disturb other guests with incessant barking.

If you’re traveling with your pup this summer, here are our tips to make it a safe and fun trip.

Pack for the trip. Your dog will be in an unfamiliar location, so it makes sense to bring some of his comforts from home. Bring his favorite toy, bed and/or blanket. If you’re going to leave your dog behind while you play tourist, consider leaving him with an item of your clothing that has your scent on it. Anything you can do to make your dog feel more at home, even when he’s away from home, will make the trip a better one for all of you.

Plan for potty breaks. Even if you can go for hours to get to your destination, make sure you plan for potty breaks for your pup. Stop every hour or so and let him stretch his legs and relieve himself. When you stop, give him a drink of water and maybe even a small snack.

Don’t ever leave your dog alone in the car. If you’re traveling by car, by yourself, you need to make plans for what will happen if you need to stop somewhere. You can never leave your dog alone in a car, even with the windows cracked or the air conditioner running. The heat inside a car rises quickly and can lead to injury or death for your fur baby. We don’t want to be alarmist, but as Floridians, we know the importance of finding pet welcoming places if we ever need to… well, take a potty break ourselves. You must find a place that will allow you to bring your pup in with you.

Do your research and know where the pet friendly places are where you are staying. Even if you find a pet friendly accommodation, you will still want to take your pup with you to restaurants or even to tourist attractions. Before you do this, make sure your dog is socialized and friendly.

Pack your dog’s “survival kit.” Here is a packing list for your pup when you travel:

  • A collar or harness that he will wear all the time that has an ID tag with your contact information.
  • Up to date vet records
  • Any medications your pup takes
  • Food and water. Do not introduce a brand-new food, supplement or drink to your dog on vacation – you don’t want to deal with stomach issues
  • K9 Power dog supplements and healthy treats like our Carnivore Cookies)
  • An extra leash in case yours breaks
  • Poop bags
  • A dog carrier or dog safety belt for the car. Don’t let your dog roam the vehicle untethered.
  • A couple of your dog’s favorite toys

Plan for your summer road trip so you and your pup have the best time ever building memories together!

K9 Power has become a leader in the dog supplement market. It’s a place we’re honored to be. We’re here to help your dog live a healthier, fuller life--absolute bottom line. We know how much a dog adds to your family, and we are simply trying to give back to each and every dog we can.

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