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Super Fuel - Energy and Muscle Dog Nutritional Supplement


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Dogs today are much more active.  Whether you have a service dog, a champion performer, or one that simply plays hard all day, they require more nutrients (fuel) than other dogs.  Super Fuel,™ was designed to meet the nutritional needs of today’s active dog with a performance formula that increases energy, promotes recovery and lean muscle formation.

Hours of Power!  Super Fuel,™ is an advanced performance supplement designed to help maximize muscle efficiency and endurance, while also promoting a healthy recovery time.  Super Fuel's super octane strength fuel component helps generate exceptional muscle power with less fatigue. A combination of muscle fuels drives high intensity movements. Healthy ATP regeneration enables muscle fiber to fire even during anaerobic conditions. Power through the hardest workouts while others fade!

More Gas in the Tank!  Super Fuel,™ is formulated with readily available fuels to help combat fatigue. Endurance fuel component helps slow twitch muscles with long lasting energy for hours. Clean burning gluconeogenic fuels help promote great endurance with exercise.

Build Lean Muscle!  With no unnecessary carbs, Super Fuel,™ promotes healthy, lean muscle mass and excellent energy levels. Increasing lean muscle boosts metabolic rate, burning additional body fat. With simultaneous muscle gain and fat loss the result is lean "cut" similar to the bodies today's athletes.

Jump Starts Recovery!  Promotes healthy healing and recovery after workouts. Recharge muscle glycogen, ATP in hours, not days. Antioxidants help reduce the soreness and other oxidative damage. Begin the next workout fresh.

Strong Immunity is the Foundation to Health & Performance!  Stronger immune system promotes good health, recovery & performance. Immunoglobulins A & G, IGF-1 & lactoferrin help maintain immunity. A strong immune system helps the body undergo heavy workloads.

Not Just for Canine Athletes!  Super Fuel,™ improves quality of life for all dogs. Designed to raise immune function - elevated immunity translates into improved health, stress resistance and more. Family pets to debilitated dogs, Super Fuel helps to improve immunity and health.

We are committed to your dog’s everyday health and wellness! Our SUPER FUEL,™ formula is one of our many products that provide the following powerful benefits for your pet:

• Delicious meat based powder dogs love
• Extends endurance and helps reduce recovery time, helps with over training issues.
• Converts calories into lean muscle mass and more energy
• Helps improve recovery time
• Supports muscle growth/repair, prevents break down.
• Build lean muscle, burn fat
• Support health and immunity functions
• Improves overall quality of life and stress resistance, supports immune function.
• Great for post surgery support.
Great Product
Very happy. Been giving it to my growing 8 month German Shepherd. And best of all he loves it.
Reviewed by:  from Brush Prairie, Washington. on 12/27/2017
Agility Dog
"Wonderful products - our vet is always amazed at the health of our dogs, and this past year, how quickly and fully one recovered from a substantial agility injury. I am convinced that Super Fuel and Joint Strong have a lot to do with this."
Reviewed by:  from CA. on 11/10/2017
dog owner
My dogs love Super Fuel!!!!!! I use it after agility runs. Helps with muscle recovery so they are ready for the next class.
Reviewed by:  from Virginia. on 7/9/2017
Super Fuel
Added Super Fuel to the training/conditioning program for our 2, 5yo IPO GSDs and have seen very positive results. Their recovery time has been drastically reduced which allows for an opportunity for longer training sessions. Great product!
Reviewed by:  from Horseshoe Bend, ID. on 5/2/2017
Great ingredients
I give this to my three year old Golden Doodle. I feel it supplements his energy needs and keeps him healthy and fit
Reviewed by:  from Seattle, WA.. on 5/1/2017
My dogs love it, i give them to them daily and when they are working hard mixed with their water. they have great muscle town and endurance.
Reviewed by:  from IL. on 3/22/2017
I have been satisfied with Super Fuel since beginning its use several years ago. Currently have my bird dog and newest edition - Zoey, the Chihuahua on it and they both love it and it obviously loves them. Thanks
Reviewed by:  from AZ. on 12/26/2016
Awesome Product!!!
I started my dog in DockDiving in Jan 2015 and noticed my girl didn't like to drink during an event. I met Timothy from Team Casey and he introduced me to K9 power's GoDog. She immediately drank the water and I was extremely happy she would drink and stay hydrated. This year 2016 I wanted to tone her up and and purchase the GoDog, Tim spoke with me about the SuperFuel and that it will help her gain muscle tone and replenish her tired muscles after working her. I made my purchase for the SuperFuel and have not changed our workout routine and I already see a difference in her muscle tone, energy and performance. She also loves the taste and begs for more. I am extremely pleased and very impressed with the products and will continue to purchase K9Power products. Thank you Deb Semko
Reviewed by:  from OH. on 10/18/2016
Licensed Board Certified Massage Therapist
Been using this product for most of my dogs 11 year life span. she is still on the formula and continues to thrive.
Reviewed by:  from Sugar Hill, NH. on 9/24/2016
Super Fuel
Product is great. My dogs are working well off the product. Coats look superb, and they work like work horses!!!
Reviewed by:  from CA. on 9/9/2016
product works well, dogs enjoy the flavor.
Reviewed by:  from minnesota. on 9/7/2016
“I stopped by on Wed to pick up some of your products, meant to get K9 Super Fuel but instead came home unexpectedly with Show Stopper, so I gave it a shot. I don't think it's my imagination, but I swear my older male's coat has changed in 2 days. It was starting to get little dry for the first time in his life, and I can feel the change already. Is this even possible or have I gone nuts?”
Reviewed by:  from . on 12/10/2015
Hello, my name is Dr. Rodney Franks, I am a chiropractor who specializes in chiropractic care for animals specializing in sporting dogs. Recently, our Belgian Malinios came down with lyme''s and it created lameness in the rear legs combined with extreme fatigue. We were extremely concerned that she would have permanent weakness''stamina issues and all the training my wife has put into her over the last two years would have came to a halt. After treatment of the lyme''s disease we noticed her endurance continued to lag. At a trial a fellow competitor recommended your K9 Superfuel and after researching your product, we decided to purchase it as your product falls in line with our raw feeding, holistic approach to health. I can not begin to tell you how impressed we are with your product. Not only have we noticed decreased recovery time after exercise, increased stamina but her coat is absolutely stunning!
Reviewed by:  from . on 11/6/2015
My 2 yr old Belgian Malinois, India, is competing in multiple dog sport events, Mondioring, Dock Diving and Obedience. I began using Super Fuel, Go Dog, Carnivore Cookies and Omega Dog this summer to see if the products would have any effect on her performance during long training and competition days. Before using these products, her performance was not at the level it began at, especially on multiple event days. Once we began consistently using these products, I saw an improvement in her stamina, with no reduction in her energy level at the end of the day, which is typically when the finals occur. Not only will I continue to use these products, I plan on expanding the use of these and other products for my older pet dogs too. It is great using products that not only are good for her, but she also likes all the products we have used.
Reviewed by:  from . on 9/15/2015
Super Fuel
I just needed to drop you quick note regarding the Super Fuel. I've been training and handling working dogs for years and have never used a product with such success. You can see the muscle grow, it's that noticeable, unbelievable! Also wanted to thank-you for the time you spent on the phone and help with the conditioning program.
Reviewed by:  from . on 7/14/2015
Hi, I have been using K9 Super Fuel for about 3 years now and I love it! Both of my dogs compete in agility and I noticed that you now have a supplement called K9 Hard Dog. Should I be using this instead of the Superfuel? Are there any other supplements that I should be feeding as well? Thanks in advance for your time! Below is a video of my 10 year old BC doing Superstakes Distance, I owe her great health and amazing speed, even at 10 years old, to K9 Power! Thanks! Amanda Nelson
Reviewed by:  from . on 4/13/2015
Better coat
“I stopped by on Wed to pick up some of your products, meant to get K9 Super Fuel but instead came home unexpectedly with Show Stopper, so I gave it a shot.  I don''t think it''s my imagination, but I swear my older male''s coat has changed in 2 days.  It was starting to get little dry for the first time in his life, and I can feel the change already.  Is this even possible or have I gone nuts?” Judy, Dogs Can Dance
Reviewed by:  from . on 10/4/2014
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