by Robbi Hess August 04, 2022 3 min read

In many areas of the country – and across the globe – this has been one of the hottest summers on record. As temperatures continue to soar, the importance of keeping your dogs hydrated cannot be emphasized enough.

Keeping track of what your dog drinks and how often is something pet parents should be vigilant about. Proper hydration is critical because dehydration has serious immediate and long-term health risks. It’s important to recognize the signs of dehydration, but it’s even more important to ensure your dog always has access to water so he doesn’t get dehydrated.

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Hydrated

We’ve put together a quick list of ways to help ensure your dog stays properly hydrated.

  1. We can’t stress this enough: Keep the water bowl full of fresh, clean water. Clean the water bowl regularly. Have more than one water bowl in your house to make it easy for your pup to take a drink. There are some breeds that don’t care how hot it is -- they want to be active and as the pet parent you know it’s best for their mental and physical health to remain active and to make sure they have plenty of water. When you’re outdoors with your active dog, give him Go Dog. Always keep your dog in the “safe zone” when it comes to body temperature on a hot summer day. Whether you’re giving your dog water or having him lie on a cooling mat between bouts of exertion know when to slow your dog down and have her rest. We know a lot of dogs just aren’t good drinkers unless they get super-thirsty; we’ve found that most dogs who get Go Dog added to their water become enthusiastic drinkers because they love the taste! Go Dog can be conveniently added to a bottle of water, shake up well and give small drinks repeatedly throughout the day. Smaller amounts of water continuously is better than too much water at once. Take it on your hikes, at the beach, biking or walking your dogs, and of course at a sporting event your dog may participate in, or even just on very hot days.  Go Dog doesn’t need to be ice cold – serve room temperature or cool water. Your dog will thank you for this.
  2. Track how often you’re filling the water bowls. Your dog should always have access to clean fresh water daily and you should clean bowls daily.
  3. Many dogs like moving water and you may find they drink more if you invest in a fountain water bowl. If your dog has never used one, it may take her a day or so to get accustomed to it, so keep another water bowl available.
  4. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, make sure there is always a full bowl of fresh water within reach. Offer your dog water frequently when you’re outdoors hiking or playing outdoors.
  5. Take your dog for walks and outdoor activities before the heat and humidity are at their peaks -- early morning or early evening. Keep your pup off sidewalks and pavement so he doesn’t burn his paws. Enjoy the outdoors with your dog, just do it safely!

Whether it’s summer or winter, active dogs need to be hydrated. When you’re outdoors with your dog in the summer, give them shade and give them ways to cool down – a cooling mat is an ideal way to cool your overheated dog.  

K9 Power has become a leader in the dog supplement market. It is a place we are honored to be. We are here to help your dog live a healthier, fuller life--absolute bottom line. We know how much a dog adds to your family, and we are simply trying to give back to each and every dog we can.

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