by Robbi Hess September 28, 2022 3 min read

As business owners and residents of Florida, we understand hurricane season and we are prepared for it. Whether you’re new to an area that has weather emergencies or if you’ve lived in a weather-disaster or emergency part of the country we have put together this list of 7 ways pet parents can be prepared for emergencies.

The last thing a pet parent wants to be is be caught unprepared. Having to scramble to take care of your family, human and furry, in the midst of an emergency or while under an evacuation order is not the time to think about being prepared.

Wildfires, hurricanes, ice storms, flooding and other weather events could lead to an evacuation or a shelter-in-place order. Would you be prepared?

7 ways pet parents need to prepare for emergencies

Here is what you should consider, at a minimum, when putting together an emergency plan for your entire family.

  1. Where will you go if you’re forced to evacuate? Will your potential location let you bring your pets? If not, you need to find another. We urge pet parents to NEVER abandon their pets or surrender them during an emergency event – you may not get them back safely. Now is the time to either find a hotel, Airbnb or talk with a friend or family member who would let you and your pets stay with them if you need to evacuate.
  2. Keep your pet carriers in an easily accessible place. If you only take your pets in the car for their annual vet visits, it’s easy to bury the carriers in the closet. If bad weather is predicted, get the carriers out and put them by the door. Put your dog’s favorite blanket and toy inside the carrier.
  3. Gather all your pets’ veterinary records and put them into a waterproof envelope in your car. If your pet needs medical care when you’re not close to your regular veterinarian, you will need to present these records to ensure your pet gets safe and immediate care. Also, if your pet is on any medication, get the prescriptions refilled if you’re getting low and have them close at hand if you need to evacuate.
  4. Stock up on enough water for you and your dogs to survive for at least a week (three days at a minimum). Shop and store your items before a weather emergency is predicted because you know at that point the store shelves will be bare. Make sure your cupboards are filled with non-perishable foods; this is especially important if your dog usually eats food that needs to be refrigerated.
  5. Take photos of your pet, and of you with your pet, in case you get separated or need to prove they are yours. If they’re microchipped make sure your contact information is up to date and you may also want to consider getting tags for their collars with your contact info in case you get separated.
  6. Check your pet and human first aid kits to ensure they are fully stocked and that all the items inside are not expired.
  7. Gather up these extra items to have on hand: plastic bags for garbage and dog poo, warm clothes, solar powered chargers, additional batteries, a crank or solar powered radio, a gas grill and propane and any other items unique to your family and your pets.

Safely surviving a disaster or weather emergency requires pre-planning for both you and your pets. #HurricaneIan may have passed through, but the clean up continues and our hearts go out to all our neighbors 

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