by Robbi Hess May 27, 2022 3 min read

May is National Microchip Your Pet Month (for both dogs and cats). Microchipping your pet is a great “insurance” policy to help ensure you are reunited should he get off leash and get lost. With so many families taking vacations, your dog is out of his natural environment and could get scared and run off even if he’d never do that at home.  

Making sure your dog (or cat) wears a collar with his or her name and your name and contact information is a wonderful visual way for someone who finds your pet and it makes it easy for that person to contact you. While some individuals may take the time to take a found dog to a vet or animal shelter to have him scanned for a microchip, not everyone will; a collar and tag makes it easier for them to contact you.

If your pet goes missing, it is frightening for you and them. The scary statistic is “one in three pets will get lost.” Of all the stray pets, only about 25% of them are ever reunited with their families.

One way to help ensure your dog will not become a statistic is to work with him on “recall.” This is when you teach your dog to come to you – no matter what distractions – when you say his name and use your recall word. For many pet parents the recall phrase is, “Fido (naturally you’d insert your dog’s name), come!” No matter what phrase you use make sure you use your dog’s name and always the same phrase. When teaching your dog recall, treat him with one of our Carnivore Cookies. These cookies break up nicely for small rewards treats.  If your dog knows that when he comes running at your command he will receive a treat, it positively reinforces good behavior with coming to you and receiving a treat.

The combination of microchip and collar and tags will improve the chance of your dog being returned home if he’s lost or stolen. When you keep in mind that July 5 is the biggest day at animal shelters with lost pets being brought in because so many dogs are terrified of the fireworks on the fourth of July you can see that the time is now to microchip your pet and ensure their identification tag is current.

Why you should get your pet microchipped

Here are five reasons to consider a microchip for your dog

  1. It is a “digital” leash. If your dog dashes out a door, slips out of a collar, the microchip can help you get reunited.
  2. A microchip is a permanent (and mostly painless) way to ensure your pet can always be identified. Your veterinarian can safely and simply microchip your pet. The chip can transmit an identification number to a microchip scanner and if you have registered the chip, your pet can be more easily returned to you.
  3. A microchip can save your dog’s life. If he gets lost or stolen and winds up at a shelter, he will be scanned and if he has a microchip, you will more easily be reunited.
  4. Microchips last a lifetime. Once your veterinarian microchips your pet, it’s done. All that’s left is for you to go online and register your pet.
  5. A microchip and collar with identification tags are dual layers of safety and protection to help ensure you and your dog are reunited. The peace of mind that a chip and collar bring are worth the inexpensive cost of the chip.

As pet lovers and pet parents, we always want to offer tips to help keep your pet safe.

K9 Power has become a leader in the dog supplement market. It is a place we are honored to be. We are here to help your dog live a healthier, fuller life--absolute bottom line. We know how much a dog adds to your family, and we are simply trying to give back to each and every dog we can.



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