by K9 Power Team May 07, 2020 3 min read

Celebrate the wonderful life of being a dog mom with us! Not only is Mother's Day coming up on May 9th, #DogMomsDay is May 8th! To get in the spirit for both holidays, we picked a few of our favorite dog mom moments from Instagram that are too cute not to share. 🐶

Remember, if you're a proud #dogmom, tag @k9_power in your dog mom pics for a chance to get re-posted! Happy Dog-Mother's Day to all of the wonderful dog mamas out there. 

1) A face this cute deserves all the smooches! 💋


2) Who wants to snuggle?! (YES PLEASE!)


3) The sweetest thing...we cannot get over these two.


4) Never ever more than 6ft away.


5) Selfie time! 1,2,3….cheese!


6) Dogs make great big brothers and sisters...❤️👶


7) These two are way too glamorous. We love it.


8) Have you ever seen a more fashionable pair? 


A gift that truly gives and gives... 
For the ultimate dog mom in your life, there's no more perfect gift than a subscription to her dog's favorite K9 Power supplements. She'll love it because it's easy, it's customizable, and it's smart–just like our mamas teach us to be! A gift that's convenient for her and helps her beloved furbaby stay healthy? Best in show.


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