by K9 Power Team April 08, 2020 3 min read

April 10th is National Hug Your Dog Day! What better way to celebrate than a whole bunch of adorable photos of the best dog hugs on Instagram. 

Our Challenge For You:
Hug your dog today….and then tomorrow...and then the next day...
(We get this isn’t really that much of a challenge.😉 )

Okay, let’s get to the pups...

1) Life goals in one image.

We’d for sure love to join this cuddle puddle.


2) A Frenchie hug!

We most definitely wouldn’t mind a Frenchie kiss, too.


3) This hug is just plain Golden!

Feel like these two have been besties since day one.


4) Flexin’

Why work out when you can hug your dog instead?


5) Blindsided!

Who else wouldn’t mind a sneaky hug like this one!?


6) Post-cardio hug

Nothing like a long hug to end a run with.


7) Three’s a crowd!

Good thing we love crowds of dogs. The more the merrier!


8) Send hugs

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Sending hugs 💙 Take care of yourselves

A post shared by Vizsla & GSP (@rooandfrankie) on

If you haven’t hugged your dog like this, do you even have a dog?


9) Post-adventure hugs!

The perfect way to end any adventure is with a dog hug…truth.



Now share yours!
Celebrate the day with us, and share your #doghugs by tagging us (@k9_power) in your Instagram posts. We’ll share our favorites in our own IG Story all this week and beyond. And don’t forget to use our hashtag #K9Power to get featured.

Come say hi on Instagram!


Or, check out our family of products to see which one is perfect for your pup.


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