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Fueling Your Pup’s Summer Activities

Summer is in full swing, and that means we’re combating cabin fever with some much needed activities in the great ol’ outdoors. 

But, of course, all dogs are different and that means they all enjoy different activities. Some dogs are social butterflies with loads of energy, so a hike might be exactly what they need. Others might prefer some quality time hanging in the backyard submerged in a kiddie pool. Whatever it is, here are some tips on how to be cool, safe and properly fueled up this summer, wherever you go.


Hitting the Trails

If your dog is high-energy and loves some solid activity, a hike is one of the best ways to get them outside and bond with them. Plus, dogs love all the fresh air, beautiful sights and earthy smells. (Who doesn’t!?)
There are many dog-friendly trails of varying fitness levels, so pick one that works best for you and your dog before going.

Packing their bags:
Don’t forget their doggie bags, water dish, harness, leash and a bit of food to fuel them.

Hiking pairs perfectly with:

Joint Strong - Container
Since that extra time on all fours puts extra work on our dogs' joints, add a joint health and mobility supplement to their diets. 



Pitching A Tent - Camping Overnight

Camping is an excellent way to connect with nature and your dog, especially if your dog loves taking longer trips with you. Some sweet solitude may just be how you need to enjoy the summer months, and we’re all for that. To keep everyone safe, you’ll want to make sure you pack containers that keep your dog’s food closed and secure when not eating to prevent any pests from raiding the campsite. 

Packing their bags: 
Don’t forget their doggie bags, water dish, harness, leash, food, treats, and a comfy bed for those nights in your tent.

Camping pairs perfectly with:

Total K9 - Container
Adding extra nutrients to their diet will keep them prepared for any adventure you explore together.



Beach Session

If the sea calls you and your pup, the beach is a perfect place to get outside and have some fun together. There are many dog-friendly beaches where you can let your dog off-leash to romp around in the waves. Get his energy out by tossing a toy for him to fetch or head out for a light jog together. The tepid climate will help keep your dog cooler than farther inland, but it’s still important to make sure they stay hydrated and cooled. Make sure to take water breaks every hour and, if your dog is a confident swimmer, allow him to jump through the waves. 

Packing their bags: 
Don’t forget toys to toss, a towel to clean their paws, extra water, some sunscreen to protect sensitive noses, and something for shade to protect from overheating.

The beach pairs perfectly with:

Super Fuel - Container
Your pup expends extra energy in the waves, so be sure to add more “fuel” to their meals (or water bowl).



Lake Living - Boat Party

If your dog loves the water and also lounging around, getting him out on the boat is a great summer activity. Of course, safety is a top priority, so don’t forget to pack him a "boat bag" with everything he needs for the entire day. If you’re worried about him overheating, make sure to have plenty of water ready for him and don’t be afraid of letting him hop in the lake (while you’re not moving) to cool off. 

Packing their bags: 
Don’t forget water, food and treats, a towel to dry off, sunscreen to protect sensitive noses, and a doggie life vest.

Boating pairs perfectly with:

Go Dog - Container
Pups perspire even in the water, so be sure to rehydrate regularly, and with electrolytes.



At Home Party

Some dogs, just like some people, are homebodies, and that’s perfectly okay. If you have a dog who likes to stay home over a more rigorous adventure, then making the backyard into a dog-play heaven is a great summer activity. Help beat the heat by filling a kiddie pool with cool hose water and letting your dog splash away. 

Pamper them at home: 
Keep them cool and de-stressed with regular brushing, find a recipe for puppy popsicles for special summertime treats.

Summertime pairs perfectly with:

Show Stopper - Container
To keep their coat and skin healthy by supplementing with healthy plant oils, Omega 3s, and Vitamin E.



Fueling Their Fun

No matter what activity your dog prefers, it’s important to make sure they’re getting enough nutrition and fuel to support the increase in activity. Our suite of dog supplements are filled with loads of great nutrition. They support the health and wellbeing of active pups, no matter their ailments, needs, or life stage.

Worried about the heat this summer?
Make sure to keep your dog extra hydrated with something like our hydration formula, Go Dog, which is filled with essential electrolytes that help keep your pup hydrated and cool.

Finding that your dog sheds or itches endlessly?
Keep their skin healthy first, since it’s the precursor to a healthy coat. Emollients (aka moisturizers) like plant and fish oils and Vitamin E make our Show Stopper a great place to start.

Noticing that your dog is just pooped each day?
If they are outside and more active in the summer, provide Super Fuel for an extra energy source. Plus, it helps reduce their recovery time after any adventure.



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