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It’s an exciting time!

Your family grows when you welcome a new puppy into your home. Before their first moment in your arms, you’re already stocked up with all the "puppy essentials" like new toys, a bed, blanket, pee pads, teething toys, treats, a crate, their first leash and collar, and (most importantly) puppy food.

Let's explore that last one a bit more.

Unpacking Puppy Food

You might think puppy food is a marketing ploy created in the boardrooms of big agencies to sell more dog food... Actually, not so much. A growing puppy has different needs than an adult or senior dog.

At just eight weeks old, your puppy has stopped feeding from her mother, and you’re now their trusted provider when it comes to...well, everything. What she eats and the nutrients she gets are arguably one of the most important aspects of her puppy development.

Feeding puppy and mother

The nutrients she got from her mother’s milk helped her grow to be the healthy puppy she came to you as, but what most people don’t think about is that your puppy still needs some of those vital nutrients after she makes your home her new one.

Leaving Mama Dog Behind 😢

Weaning a puppy off mother’s milk and onto puppy food is a critical step that should be done with extra care. It shouldn’t just be one quick jump from one to the other. This is simply because puppy food doesn’t contain all the nutrients mother’s milk has, like lactotransferrin, a powerful immunity factor that helps foster an impenetrable immune system.

Puppy and puppy bowl

When you don’t properly wean a puppy off her mother’s milk, she’s at risk of missing out on these nutrients and may not develop to her fullest potential.

How We Can Help

To help fill the gap between the weaning period and also provide vital nutrients to help aid skeletal, organ and muscular development, we crafted Puppy Gold. We want your puppy to have unparalleled health for her entire life.

With our Puppy Gold blend, we added both bioactive proteins and lactotransferrin to jump-start an impenetrable immune system, plus vital nutrients to assist in her growth, to ensure she starts off on the right paw.

Puppy Gold - Ingredients

A new puppy is an exciting time in your life (and theirs!), and ensuring they have everything they need to live a full and happy life is a lot to think about. From properly socializing, to vet visits and potty training, it’s no small feat to raise a puppy.

Take one stressor out of the process by making sure their nutrition needs are covered.


Puppy Gold - Container
Make sure your puppy has the best days! Start with a nutritional supplement that delivers important immunity factors, fortifies bones, and builds muscle. 



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K9 Power Team
K9 Power Team

July 15, 2020

Hi, Patti. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The information we previously included in our product analysis and feeding instructions was conflicting and incomplete. We’ve since corrected this on the Puppy Gold product page.

Puppies should begin Puppy Gold as soon as they are off mom’s milk and on solid foods. Begin with ¼ scoop, mixing it with warm water (~80°F) to create a milk-like consistency. Build up to a full amount (½ scoop per 1 cup of food) over the first week or so. If helpful, you can divide the total daily amount equally between feedings.

You can continue to include Puppy Gold in their meals up to 9 months of age for smaller breeds (under 40 lbs.) and up to 12 months for larger breeds (over 40 lbs.).

We hope to have you and your beautiful Golden as part of the K9 Power family very soon!

Patti Richards
Patti Richards

July 15, 2020

I am confused about the Puppy Gold. I have a 9 week old Golden Retriever puppy and would like to supplement his food now that he is weaned and our new puppy. But you suggest this product is to support a 4-8 month old puppy (large breed). So we are to wait until our puppy is 4 months?
Thank you for helping me understand the wait time.

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