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Nutrition From the Inside Out

Just like humans, a dog’s body is composed of trillions of cells that complete numerous jobs, all functioning together to give life to your precious pup. Your dog’s ability to grow healthy skin, a shiny coat, and refuel after a strenuous workout (or playtime at the park) is directly related to how healthy the cells in your dog’s body are. 

So what is it that makes a cell healthy or not?

The simple answer: what ‘fuel’ it gets (and what it’s previously gotten). This fuel is their food—more specifically, the quality of nutrients delivered from their food.

It’s all about nutrition.

You wouldn’t build a house without the right materials. A healthy body is just the same. Think of nutrition as the building blocks of health. Without the proper components your dog’s body can’t build (and maintain) the systems that work to keep your pup healthy.

Nutrition works like this, too. Good nutrition means you’re getting the right mix and amount of nutrients needed to build and maintain a healthy body. Poor nutrition means you’re lacking, even deficient...and that’s when things go bad.

What’s happening then…?

When a system within your dog’s body isn’t properly functioning, you’ll start to see visible side effects like: irritated skin, excessive shedding or overall fatigue. This happens because the cells in your dog’s body are breaking down more than they are building up. Too much time spent in this degrading cycle and your dog sees signs of sickness, allergies or other ailments.

But don’t worry—there is a solution.

Getting back on track.

Often, when these ailments start to appear, a simple change to your dog’s diet. What dogs eat directly impacts how they look and feel. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to start shopping for a whole new dog food.

Supplementing your dog with added nutrients from real highest quality grade food is a great place to start. Highest quality grade, real food ingredients is all we use in K9 Power supplements. This way, you’re giving your dog the best fuel to create the essential building blocks they need to live better and be healthier.

It all starts from the inside out.

Nutrition From The Inside Out

What does nutrition from the inside out really mean?

A healthy outside is a representation of how healthy your dog is on the inside. But this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for your dog to heal himself on the inside and for this healthy change to be seen on the outside, like a shinier coat and healthier skin.

How long it may take depends on the status of your dog when you started providing them with any nutritional supplements. Think of it this way: a house that only needs a little maintenance might take just 2-3 weeks to look new and fresh again. In contrast, a house that needs a lot of foundation work may need 5-6+ weeks before its back to its shiny self.

The same goes for your dog.

If your pup was constantly itching and stretching, it may have been years without enough nutrition from food or exposures to an environmental allergen. That’s causing an uproar or inflammation, a leading culprit of itching and scratching. So, delivering a couple extra weeks’ worth of nutrition may be needed. Your pup just needs to be on a “health kick” longer before the results come.

Not to worry, this is completely normal.

Our Advice

Be patient. A lot of good is happening on the inside. Don’t let that extra week or two needed to bring your dog back to his healthiest self get in the way of lasting results.

Nutrition From The Inside Out - Product Trio

Keep that health kick going.


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October 20, 2020

I would love to get more off this for my dog Budweiser he is 12 year old

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